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  1. Wingnut

    Honey I'm Home!!!

    Sorry for the absence...We're all ok. We've been going through a rough patch and lost internet for a bit but we have it back and all internet withdrawl symptoms are slowly dissapating. And I promise if anything like this happens again I will have Jay find a puter and post something. All the...
  2. Wingnut

    Forgotten Victims of 9/11

    I got this story in my work email...very sad, but not heard about much
  3. Wingnut

    I'll be back...

    Ok Gang, off to have a hysterectomy this morning, I'll be home by Friday, hopefully sooner. Send good thoughts my way!!
  4. Wingnut


    :birthday: Happy Birthday!!!:birthday: :beerchug:
  5. Wingnut

    Pick a date for the Gathering (was Second Lashing)

    Well we've got October, EVeryone who wants to do this needs to look at thier schedules and let me know what dates would be best. I'm going to plan this as 2 days, one night. If you want to stay longer or come to the gathering and leave that up to you. I'm thinking day 1 we all get there, that...
  6. Wingnut

    *Brings out the whip*

    Ok Gang, I'm going to do polls step by step to narrow everything down. We know it'll be Orlando, FL. So to make it easy lets just start with the month we all can agree on...
  7. Wingnut

    Speaking of Leads...

    I have the damndest time knowing where to place them. I got thr RA= RIght arm, LL= left leg, etc...part But I never really know where on the arm leg to put it. And on the 12 lead I always screw it up..How do you guys remember where they go. I just haven't done them enough to "just know"...
  8. Wingnut

    Suicide Calls

    I got to thinking again (I know dangerous, but it happens). We had 4 suicide/attempted yesterday in about 2 hrs time. And more this month alone than we've had all year. So we were chatting about it and our chopper pilot (I was riding at our medflight station yesterday...on a rig though) told us...
  9. Wingnut

    Pics Finally

    Well it's been a hell of a month but I finally have some pics for you all (I know how much you love them) In my defense, it was late afternoon on my second day of a double shift... The station I was in Saturday..Medic 71 I had my own room, I was SO happy!!! Our Kitchen Right...
  10. Wingnut

    Bad day at work

    Like Princess' this is another long one. So get comfy... I almost quit Saturday, I had the Worst. Day. Ever. (at a job) For a little backround...the last week I rode as a 3rd person for training and was with 2 really great people. We had fun, they both went out of thier way to teach me what...
  11. Wingnut

    How many drugs do you carry on your rig?

    I found out we carry 33. And we actually carry dilaudid as well as morphine which kind of suprised me. Especially since we keep our rigs unlocked unless we're at a store. We have nitrous too but we only use it for abdominal pain because our MD doesn't want them getting the other two due to thier...
  12. Wingnut


    Well gang it's been a real intersting week. I need to vent so whoever actually reads this post gets to be my victims because I think my family is sick of me talking. SO May 15th was the big day, my first day. I was completely stressed because Sunday I had a nasty episode with the abdominal...
  13. Wingnut

    Damn I look good... my dress uniform! Got most of my clothes today, my badge, my HAZMAT gear (God it sucked putting that crap on in the heat today!), SOP, my paperwork... I'M A REAL EMT WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  14. Wingnut

    Evolution of Dance

    Not EMS, but it had my hubby and I in tears laughing.
  15. Wingnut


    I got another one (kids broke the 2 I had before) and this one has the other bell in the set. Do you guys ever use them, or do they really even make a difference? Also those damn eartips, I hear best with the hard plastic ones but they hurt my ears pretty bad. I bought the gel tips but I can...
  16. Wingnut

    A little excitement tonight

    So this isn't anything major but It made me feel really good and I knew you all would appreciate this... My husband and I play an online multiplayer game (tight budget and lack of babysitters...we need something to do). Anyway we're in game chatting with our friends before we go out hunting...
  17. Wingnut

    Shopping List

    Ok, so the day is getting closer and I want to be prepared but not looking like an overzealous whacker (at least not till they get to know me better). So far my shopping list for tomorrow includes the basics, boots (I read the other post so I have a good idea what to get) pants, decent watch...
  18. Wingnut


    Ok you posted in Matts thread so I know you're lurking out there better get your butt back on these boards, place just isn't the same without you.
  19. Wingnut


    Thought a few of you would appreciate this :) Just click on download this video when you open the page.
  20. Wingnut

    Funny Accident Clip