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    florida medic recert

    hey guys! i recently recert my NRP using distance cme, i'm trying to plug in my distance cme course for florida on their site. it is rather confusing, can any of help or should i just call florida doh up for help? thanks in advance
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    Central Florida Paramedic jobs

    any paramedic jobs available in the central florida area up to two hour travel? looking to get out of new york within the next few months
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    NCCP recert question for paramedic

    i'm trying to plug in my state/local component along with individual in the 2016 version for the NCCP recert. Can i use topics that are considered flexible content for the state/local component?
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    entering classes from distance cme into nremt site

    i completed my ALS NCCR on distance cme and entered everything on the nremt site. now looking at it, transcript courses don't seem to add up with the topics on nremt. has anyone had any issues with this or can be helpful. i'd appreciate it. thank you and be safe
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    manatee county ems florida

    any fellow florida emt's or paramedic's familiar with manatee county ems? was thinking of looking into applying there and wanted to do some research about employment there. also what is their agility test composed of? any leads or help would be greatly appreciated. thank you and stay safe
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    Orlando/central florida paramedic jobs

    i'm a paramedic from new york and looking to get a job down in florida. I just got my florida state paramedic card. Looking for job leads that are somewhat decent, i know huge pay cut from ny but full time jobs are hard to come by where i'm from
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    NCCP model

    any one here from New York that has NREMT for paramedic and taking CME courses? I'm having trouble figuring out how to plug in my cme classes into the different national catorgories for the NCCP model that New York apparently uses. nobody from the state ems office was of any help
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    Medic Jobs in Central Florida

    Looking to move to central florida area with in the next year or so from new york. Where are some good places to work as a paramedic?