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  1. titmouse

    Question regarding LEE County EMS

    So I passed everything and have received an email that they are on #9 out of 13 hires. So my question is if you are not chosen was this just a FOAD letter and I will have to retest once more? Thank you!
  2. titmouse

    Got a couple of patches for trade

    Anyone interested in trading for a Florida EMT patch?
  3. titmouse

    Do you consider your workplace a hostile environment?

    Since reading that article about the VA FF that recently killed herself cause of bullying it has made me think about EMS and FD as particularly hostile workplaces. From what I have learned its all about rugged individualism, everything is a competition and people throwing each other under the...
  4. titmouse

    To my EMS family!

    Happy 4/20!
  5. titmouse

    Last call of the day is....

    And go! As of now I am off so I got nothing.
  6. titmouse

    Any volunteer FFs in the house?

    How do the shifts work when volunteering? I am will continue my EMS employment and eventually start medics and I would like to volunteer. What was your experience like? Thanks in advance!
  7. titmouse

    Back after a while of being offline

    Cheers and hope everyone is doing alright. Its good to be back on the road again .
  8. titmouse

    Dispatching tips

    Today I am getting trained in dispatch so I can have better understanding of how the machine works in order to become shift commander. Any tips on dispatching? I know that I cannot please everyone on the street. Any pointers?
  9. titmouse

    Lee county peeps!

    I am taking my exam in the coming weeks, what to expect to see on them? PM me if you want.
  10. titmouse

    question regarding glucometer

    I know its a long shot but is it possible to get a free glucometer? And if so from where? The ones that my company has on trucks are bad, always giving inaccurate readings. If worse comes to worse I'll buy one. Any idea?
  11. titmouse

    first call of the day is...

  12. titmouse

    don't you just love it when. ..

    You ask the patient a question and they just laugh at you. Granted the old man is confused but to give a pain scale from 1-10 is not that hard.
  13. titmouse

    How's you shift going?

    I am on a 12 hours today. What's about you?
  14. titmouse

    Entartain me with some music

    Youtube links. Let me start!
  15. titmouse

    Hip flexor injury

    I have pulled the hip flexor and the hamstring on right leg. What would recommend in order to strengthen the hip flexor? I have already recovered from hamstring but hip flexor pain is still there.
  16. titmouse

    Re certification help

    So in December I am gonna re certify my basic and I just can not find out if I have to take the continuing education class or just pay the fee to get my new card. I could certainly save that money (200 bucks) for academy but if the class needs to be take I will do it.
  17. titmouse

    Shin splints?

    I have started to run in order to get myself ready for the academy and have developed shin splints. As of now I have taken a break from running. Have you have any experience with shin splints yourself? how did you overcome it?
  18. titmouse

    Your favorite baker act story

    tell me cause those never are alike haha
  19. titmouse

    working with people that are burned out. ..

    Not cool. Once my partner for today shift said "I :censored: hate this place" I knew it would go down hill from there. We had an ift that was maybe about 10 miles distance, and since the facility had the same name as the other and the street numbers we similar I ended up going to the one thats...
  20. titmouse


    What is your experience with them? The ones we have seem to be laggy as hell =/