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    Hall Ambulance and tobacco

    wouldn't worry about it. Super vague but you'll figure it out.
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    Doctor's Ambulance Station locations

    I used to work for Doctor's a year or so ago. One of the main threads for Doctor's Ambulance has some great hiring info and some of the experiences others have had. I loved the company and its an amazing taste of how EMS works in Southern California. However, I am not going to give locations of...
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    Tips for a Noob Army 11C?

    Look for an AA program with a fire science or tech course. I'm going to be finishing my AA, with EMT included, A&P for future medic school and a few other great classes with a state accredited fire academy all paid for under chap 33 GI Bill. Do some shopping around and get what you earned...
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    Tips for a Noob Army 11C?

    I know that on and around base its better to hide if you were in the military or not because everyone around is either a hooyah, jarhead, squid, or flyboy. Out here in the other world though don't sell yourself short on your military time, it will no joke help you land a job. I'm not saying walk...
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    Tips for a Noob Army 11C?

    If you don't mind me asking, is 11C Army or am I way off the mark? There are quite a few other threads asking the same thing so some of the things that might be said or not said here you could try and find there. My two cents that I try and throw to anyone who is starting as an EMT is to just...
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    Doctor's Ambulance

    I would give them another week and then call in and ask. They just finished training up the previous class and should be hiring within the next couple of weeks. Don't get too discouraged, the fact that you got the test out of the way is a good thing and the only thing left is a phone call saying...
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    FF1 Required - Not terribly thrilled

    Hey brother, it might not be your bag and it might not be what you want to pursue but my tip is to change your outlook on it. Fire and EMS go hand in hand in a lot of places, and learning more about one in my opinion helps you function with the other. I don't know how much you like to hit the...
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    Book question

    I was in the same boat as you and I really wanted to learn a little bit more about what was happening on the monitor on calls. What really helped me just to get a "basic" understanding was taking an ACLS class offered at my company. I understand that I have a very basic grasp of EKG and until I...
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    CPR for ten minutes?

    That is amazing, obviously protocols and SOPs come first but I'm stoked to have read about this. Thank you. Ninja edit: I'll post my link to where I read up on CCR and if anyone finds anything better please give it a post.
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    What are some medical diseases/problems a patient told you

    Medical Plombage - "practice of inserting an inert material (as paraffin or plastic spheres) into the thoracic cavity to exert sustained pressure on the lungs and induce their collapse that formerly was used as a treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis" (Cited from...
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    Doctor's Ambulance

    Get all your stuff in meow, because it probably will be sooner. Best of luck man.
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    Doctor's Ambulance

    Word floating around is Feb when they will be hiring the next class.
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    O2 Almost killed my patient.

    Orange County, tis a silly place.
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    O2 Almost killed my patient.

    Your absolutely right and I am in the same ball park with the irritation at seeing a mask on someone for no reason. I should have put "as indicated" in my original post, so I apologize if I saw you coming from a different direction. As for 15 lpm for STEMI, I guess it just started in our county...
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    O2 Almost killed my patient.

    Well look at you life saver, you saver of lives you. My statement applies to how as a whole and by the book, EMS is taught to never withhold o2 from a patient. I should have added it earlier but I was hoping the magical words of "as indicated" would have fallen some where in the department of...
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    O2 Almost killed my patient.

    Look up hypoxic drive in COPD patients. Basically what the nurse was getting at is that in copd patients, the stimulus to breath is reversed to low levels of o2. Even with this cool tid bit of physiology, o2 is never witheld from a patient in EMS. Good call on the RT in my book, granted I'm just...
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    HELP! Emt-B Class

    Now is the time to work on getting over being nervous and timid in front of people. EMS any way you cut it is an extremely social profession. You will be doing most of your work in the public eye, so start working on being confident. Not cocky; confident. Good luck man and/or woman and do...
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    Those dreaded 24s

    On the tail end of a 72 meow. Its the only way to pay the bills and go to school full time in my book.
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    Where do you keep your pocket knife?

    Out of curiosity, why would anyone ever need to carry a pocket knife in the EMS world? What sort of high speed, low drag life saving techniques do you use it for? I see everyone wear one, but I never see anyone actually use it or a situation when it could have been needed.
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    Doctor's Ambulance

    100%. All cars are 911 cars.