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  1. gonefishing

    First child and what to expect

    Hey all, haven't been on here in a while. First off Happy New Year! The wife and I are expecting our first child in 4 months. Just wondering how you all manage with the wacky schedules of say 2 parents working in the medical field and just how hard is it? Any pointers or advice? Thanks in advance.
  2. gonefishing

    Mosby vs Brady

    Which do you prefer for Paramedic text? I know Nancy Carolines books get way too much editing and when the final product is produced it's hard to follow and there for has fallen out with alot of instructors or sp the ones ive spoken to.
  3. gonefishing

    Vacation to Canada

    Look out the fish is coming to Canada! Planning a trip to Victoria B.C. I do have a great uncle in the area I intend on visiting, most of my family is from the East Coast. My question, what is worth seeing and doing vs a tourist trap? What areas do I stay out of? I would love to meet some EMS...
  4. gonefishing

    Miracle Cure for Sepsis Anyone have any thoughts on this? I find it pretty interesting to see that there was some success. Maybe the way of the future? Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  5. gonefishing

    ET tubes and Peep

    Anyone have any thoughts or input on this? LOL Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  6. gonefishing

    Hall Physical Agility Test

    Hey all, I got asked whats on the Hall physical agility test and have no idea. Anyone know? Thanks! Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  7. gonefishing

    Good Bye Bowers

    Just got wind that Bowers is shutting down in September. Los Angeles Citys oldest ambulance provider. AMR has yet to tell employees the reason. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  8. gonefishing

    Amr job fair Hollywood

    Came across this and thought I would share especially for the people trying to get hired by them. CAREER FAIR EMT'S, PARAMEDICS, RN's (HIRING both Full Time & Part Time) Our Mission Is To Make A Difference By Caring For People In Need Immediate Openings in the following locations: Antelope...
  9. gonefishing

    Californias NEW minimum wage

    Hey all, Seeing the new minimum at $10 an hour how do some of you feel that have put in 5 years or more with a company to only now be making $10 or right around that? Did anyone question their management on it? You shouldn't be paid less or equivalent to what a bag boy makes in highschool...
  10. gonefishing

    California New Minimum Wage

    Just curious to see what if anything companies have been saying or doing for employees that have been with say a company for 5 or more years making $11 an hour and the new minimum wage going to $10. This as well for the people currently making $10 an hour or .50 cents over. What's going to...
  11. gonefishing


    Congratulations Bowers Ambulance on your merger with AMR!
  12. gonefishing

    Pro Care conviction Los Angeles

    Bro Care I mean Pro Care just got its fraud conviction. Remember if you work in L.A. and are being asked to commit fraud report it. You get 10% of what ever the feds recover...
  13. gonefishing

    Los Angeles Minimum wage $15hr

    For all the people in LA they just voted any employer with 25+ employees to start paying $15 an hour at minimum in the next 5 years but talks to make that sooner. Currently raises every july until it is $15. My question to everyone here is, has your employer discussed this with you? Will they...
  14. gonefishing

    Working at Elite Ambulance

    To extent now. Alot of campuses shut down, rop programs lost budgets etc. I've noticed alot of companies are damn well doing anything and everything to get somebody in the door except for Schaefer,McCormick,Care,Amr your other companies are raising the wages but people like Bowers (rural...
  15. gonefishing

    Getting old

    Hey All, here is something ive wondered lately. What are you to do if you reach the age of 40 and your still in the field? Is it possible to keep working in the field? I know that any emt past 3 years is already seen as a cancer by management but as a medic can you really last until the age of...
  16. gonefishing

    Nremt renewal

    Hey all, Looking for suggestions on some con ed for nremt. I have my 24 hour refresher out of the way. I have 16 hours of distributed education. Which is a total of 40 hours. I need 30 more hours. Distributed education is maxed out at 16 hours where as nurses have free range it seems...
  17. gonefishing

    Any lawyers or labor law folks?

    I got a question regarding some labor laws for California pertaining to our industry please PM me if you can help me with an answer to a possible employer labor violation thanks!
  18. gonefishing

    GCTI Ambulance Raided Raided today most likely Medicare/Medical Fraud.
  19. gonefishing

    California Minimum wage change

    Hello All!, Curious to everyones input on the minimum wage change coming up in July to $9hr. Going up to $10 shortly after and the effect if any its going to have on the companys. Such as the EMT at his/her job making say $9.60 an hour or even the newbie making $9.00 an hour. Will employees...
  20. gonefishing

    Cole Schaefer

    What's it like? How's pay? All other post are outdated.-thanks-