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  1. Phillyrube

    Vol EMS question

    40 years in volunteer fire and EMS, with a couple stints in career fire and hospital based EMS. In the middle of that, finished a 20 year Navy career and 23 year police career. The days of sitting home waiting for a call are over. Volunteering means sitting in a station for a 12. The only...
  2. Phillyrube

    Grey Death Heroin

    Anyone hear of this?
  3. Phillyrube

    EMS Response to the Coronavirus outbreak

    You know, this isn't new. It's printed on a can of Lysol I've had lying around my shop the past few years.
  4. Phillyrube

    City of Cleveland denying PTSD support for EMS workers

    Supposedly, I don't trust them
  5. Phillyrube

    City of Cleveland denying PTSD support for EMS workers

    Need the services of a local CISM team. Trouble with EAP is, they are employed by the city for the city's benefit, not yours.
  6. Phillyrube

    And old Ambulance turned into a Tiny home

    We had a special pump out tank at the hospital and hot water hose in the ambulance bay for just that reason. A lot of ambulances get converted for off road riders to haul their bikes into the boonies and camp. At least they're not butchering classic ambulances to make ecto1 wannabes.
  7. Phillyrube

    911: Lone Star

    Why do I bother? Turned it off after 30 minutes. NYFD?
  8. Phillyrube

    63 car pile up!

    Agencies that went were: York County Fire, James City County Fire, Williamsburg Fire, Navy Regional Fire, Camp Peary Emergency Services. Patients went to my old employer, Riverside Health Services, has two hospitals in area. Other hospitals that caught were Sentara Williamsburg Hospital...
  9. Phillyrube

    63 car pile up!

    Virginia drivers. 40 years of dealing with them.
  10. Phillyrube

    Systematic Review of Prehospital Airway Management

    A good medic can quickly evaluate a patient and determine whether he can be intubated quickly. Many codes I ran were resuscitated to Rosc and subsequently discharged after BLS airway in the field. I look back and wonder how many patients we killed trying to get a tube. One anecdote is a friend...
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    Post up your favourite war story.
  12. Phillyrube

    Traumatic Asphyxia

    jabroni? Isnt that the machine they use on a hockey rink?
  13. Phillyrube

    EMS Changing Names

    Not sure what to make of all this. Some people want to change EMS, since a lot of care being provided, like intrafacility, paramedicine, etc, is not really emergency. Take a read and comment. IAFC is against it.
  14. Phillyrube

    What would you do if you found a patient who looked like this?

    Anyone from New Orleans EMS care to comment? Seems they would see a lot of this. Me, no big deal.
  15. Phillyrube

    This Has Gotta Hurt

    Believe this happened in Australia. Never run from the law. Hopped a fence into a construction site and.......
  16. Phillyrube

    EMT Students Practicing IM Injections

    We did IV practice on each other. Injected oranges with vodka for IM practice, peaches for SQ. Eat the fruit while doing critiques.
  17. Phillyrube

    Paratrooper Boots

    I was a sailor, what is shoe shining? Heheh. I wore Rockys or Bates. Slap some polish on there each shift, hit it with a brush. Looks good, protects the leather. Soles wore out long before the leather.
  18. Phillyrube

    City Trauma Care

    What a maroon.......oh yeah, I used to pull steering wheels with a porta power, and the first IV s, we had to stick our arm out the window to get the BOTTLE high enough to flow
  19. Phillyrube

    City Trauma Care

    Sure it's antiquated. So are Mast pants, rotating tourniquets, 3/4 boots and all the bicarb we used to dump in CA patients But, if it's all you got..... Forgot air splints..... Heheheh:eek:
  20. Phillyrube

    City Trauma Care

    :DKids today. I started in this business when we had no quik clot,afaik, helicopters, and got alerted by a siren on the pole. Not ideal, sure, but when you got nothing else. Besides, that's what antibiotics are for.