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    Narcan, or Not.

    and it's great, until you come across an unconscious and apneic patient who either ODed on drugs other than opiods, or who didn't OD at all..... then you can give all the narcan you want, but the patient is still going to die.
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    Community Paramedic - Certified

    a huge difference between community paramedics and special forces medics, just like there is a HUGE differences between a military medic and a civilian medic. biggest differences: most military medics treat relatively in-shape people, ages 18 to 30, for traumatic injuries and some regular...
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    Advice for an Aspiring Female EMT?

    Many agencies have policies in place that crews should carry patients from the place they find them until they make it to the ER. This is more for liability reasons in case the patient falls, often at the expense of the provider's backs, and not because there is any reason the person can walk...
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    Vertical light bars

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    Advice for an Aspiring Female EMT?

    No offense, but just because you are lifting with a partner, doesn't mean the job isn't physical. most EMS people need to train like professional athletes, because we don't always have idea situations to move patients. And yes, lift with your firefighters, ABCs, and call for help before you...
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    Who is your company hiring???

    all terminations? so any time an EMS employees gets terminated, for any reasons, you notify the county EMS office? what do you tell them? the person's name, EMS ID number, and why they were terminated? do you also provided details to the investigation? do those who voluntarily resign get...
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    Who is your company hiring???

    A good background check? he was convicted of no crimes, nor was he criminally charged with a crime. What would have background check have revealed? "During Carpio’s employment at Care Medical, which lasted less than two weeks, Carpio's co-workers filed four complaints against him for...
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    EMT Refresher course ideas

    Looking for some advice..... I have been tasked with running an 80 hour NREMT style refresher class (40 hours every two years), and am looking for some useful and different ways I can accomplish this as well as make it not, well, suck, as well as be productive to the participants. It will be a...
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    CPR Instructor?

    I was an AHA CPR instructor for years. had my own equipment, etc. let it lapse when I moved down to NC, because it became too much of a hassle. When I started teaching for the college, got it again (wasted a day of my life in class) because they needed instructors, and was teaching for them...
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    Hamilton county, info needed!!

    No first hand knowledge however....... I'd also check out this link if you want some timely information about the agency:
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    Coagulopathic/Bleeding Disorder Education?

    I did my research paper for psychopathology on hemophilia. the biggest takeaway is prevention is key, and the biggest threat is internal bleeding, not external. EMS can control external bleeding (in theory, I know, stay with me on this), and can identify the need to transport the patient to a...
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    City of Cleveland denying PTSD support for EMS workers

    We went thought this ~6 years ago, where the state refused to provide us our contract mandated raises. We (the union) had to file lawsuits to compel the state to pay us, and provide us backpay. But there were no penalties, so there was really no incentive for the state to not delay giving...
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    Religion And Medicine: A Multifaceted Analysis

    maybe he means or I don't really know what he's talking about, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who is confused
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    Community Paramedic - Certified

    If your agency put you through the course, convince them to pay for you to take the test. Justify it as "validating that you knew what was required to be a CP", and looks good for their stakeholders when you get more involved in the CP program. As I said before, I wouldn't pay for a cert that...
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    Community Paramedic - Certified

    honestly, the test isn't worth the money. it's not a required or recognized cert by most agencies, even those that do community para-medicine. I was looking at it briefly, and while the knowledge is good, you won't get a good return on your investment on the exam or the cert. That being...
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    NREMT Renewal ce question

    It's likely that the hours you are inputting is more than allowed for that particular section. You should speak to your agency's training officer for additional guidance. For a more definitive answer, contact the NREMT directly. Their contact information can be found on their website.
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    Government agencies with IFT and wheelchair service?

    honestly, I feel the same way about putting a paramedic on an IFT (not CCT, IFT) truck... and I know I hated working IFTs.....
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    Pride-Ego-Humble-Patient Centered Care

    @FiremanMike this is what I would recommend:
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    FYI, Santa Barbara is offering PAID internships

    sounds awesome... what's the contracted commitment that you need to stay with AMR once you are cleared as a paramedic? it isn't mentioned in the job description, and AMR isn't known for having many long term employees for various reasons
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    EMT and mental health

    Plenty. Our field is full of people with mental disorders. Seriously. One of my favorite partners has a history of depression, and jumped off a bridge. and now he has an MBA and is one of the best instructors I know, and we got along great on the ambulance. And I would trust him more than I...