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    would i have trouble getting hired as an Emergency medical Dispatcher at age 18 even if im an EMT student at the same station id be working at?
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    EMT and Dispatcher

    ok so im not doing EMR class due to the fact that i will not be employed most likely. I will do the EMT class instead. But if i get hired i was told that i will start out part time... but they said that you typically get decent shifts every month but it depends on the needs of the company. So i...
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    So im thinking about taking an EMR class this month but i need to know if i will be getting paid, how many hours EMRs typically work and if i will be on an ambulance. I really wanna be on an ambulance
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    How hard is it to get a job on an ambulance as an EMT B?

    I need to know if it will be hard. I live in Oklahoma and will i get overtime? And if me and my girlfriend move to an apartment with 400 a month for rent and she makes 16000 a year can we live okay with just the 2 of us?
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    I need advice

    I am currently 17 and plan on taking an EMT B class in march when im 18 at ictc. Do i need CPR certification before enrolling? Where should i get my CPR certification? Is the EMT B class hard? Will i be able to get a paid job as an EMT at 18? And will the salary be enough?