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    Passed Paramedic Practicals

    I passed my Paramedic Practicals on Jan. 12th (and I didn't even need the Whiskey!). Hope to take my CAT test on Feb 8th or 11th.
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    Training Boy Scouts

    I have just been requested to do some basic First Aid training for Boy Scouts that are in the 2nd Grade. Does anyone know of a good resource for materials? I only have 1 month to get the materials.
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    Practical Testing

    I took my first round of paramedic practical testing Oct in Missouri - drove 8 1/2 hrs the day before. They had practice sessions on Fri, testing on Sat. I did fine during the practice sessions, but let nerves get the best of me on Sat. I am going to be retesting on 1/12 for the 5 stations I...
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    New to EMTLife

    I am excited to be able to network with other EMS professionals. I am currently an EMT-B and a paramedic student. I work for a rural ambulance service. With the new CAT testing, I could use any links to free practice sites. I already use The Paramedic Practice Zone, but would like to know if...