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    AMR take over in Oklahoma (OKC/Tulsa)

    Ive read the articles and it seems that Nov. 1st will be the first day for this change. Currently, Paramedics Plus is contracted with EMSA. When AMR takes over, is this just on the business end or will they do a full sweep of re-lettering the trucks, uniforms, policies, reflect that of...
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    Phoenix area EMS...PMT/Southwest

    Anyone work for PMT/Southwest or in the Phoenix area that can shed some light on Paramedic opportunities. I understand that PFD runs there own ambulance, but how is the working environment with PMT/Southwest? Good coverage areas, shifts available (12hr, 24hr), protocols, relationship with area...
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    Florida EMS

    Hello, Is anyone familiar with any county or private ALS services in or around the St. Pete/Tampa metro? All I was able to find was Manatee Co. EMS and Lee Co EMS. If anyone can point me to a couple more or provide some feedback that would be great. Thanks!
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    Paramedic Jobs in Connecticut

    Hello All, My wife and I are looking to relocate to CT once Medic school is done for me. We have family in the Hartford area. Does anyone know of any companies in the area? I have done a search, and came up with Aetna Ambulance based in Hartford. How are they? Are there any County or...