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  1. RocketMedic

    California Livability Question

    If one were choosing between Fresno and Bakersfield, where would a better and more livable place be? Predicated on around 60k a year as a FT medic working 4-5 days a week.
  2. RocketMedic

    Wheelchair Intubationist

    So, I haven’t intubated a real human in six months, and I have to fight to keep an appropriate 911 mindset in my desolate wheelchair kingdom. I’ve played with Fred a fair bit, and I still remember how to intubate, but I feel like I’ve lost the edge and a lot of the blade of my skills. Can...
  3. RocketMedic

    Sonoma County/NorCal Question

    I see that Sonoma Life Support is contracted out to AMR and that AMR has some operations in Napa, Stanislaus, etc, but I have questions. I know Falck is Alameda County, but what is Verihealth/Falck Petaluma? Did they take the 911 contract for Medocino County/Ukiah, or is it that Medstar...
  4. RocketMedic

    Airway Management and Intubating without Drugs

    So as I contemplate a possible CA move, I have a question: I see a lot of folks on the forum seem to intubate fairly frequently (more than I do at least) but not necessarily with traditional RSI protocols. This led me to a follow-on question: how are y’all managing unresponsive, obtunded and...
  5. RocketMedic

    Bay Area, Central CA, NorCal EMS

    So how does EMS work there? I know Kern = Hall/Liberty, Kings County = Fresno/American, and that Merced has Riggs, but what about the rest of the state? Who covers what, and how are they to work for? How is it to live, work, go to school there? How is cost of living, schedule, expectations...
  6. RocketMedic

    The Roof Rack Chronicles

    So, I drive a little red Ford Focus. It’s great on gas, sporty and does everything an urban American needs it to do. With that being said, I also frequently move my bike, currently using a strap-on mount by Allen. This isn’t the best solution as the metal clips of the mount pull on the sheet...
  7. RocketMedic

    New England EMS

    How are things in the top-right corner of the CONUS? My old partner moved to MA and loves it, has us considering New England. Vermont, New Hampshire, MA, etc.
  8. RocketMedic

    Albuquerque Ambulance

    FIELD OPERATIONS SUPV - AMB OPERATIONS Saw this intriguing opportunity pop up. Looked into them years ago, but how are they now? How is their pay, deployment, ops, etc?
  9. RocketMedic

    Shoulder straps

    How important are shoulder straps on the cot to you? For me, they’re important both as *the* critical piece of the cot’s restraint system and as a tell of the company’s overall safety culture. If they’re absent, they’re probably not too concerned about safety. And yes, my current employer...
  10. RocketMedic

    How far would you drive for a 24/48?

    Assuming base pay of $70k a year, how far would you drive for a job with a 24/48 base schedule? Current commute is 1.5 hours. Have an interesting potential but commute would be nearly three hours one-way. Thoughts?
  11. RocketMedic

    Canadian County, Oklahoma

    So Pafford EMS is taking over Canadian County, minus Yukon and (possibly) Mustang, this spring, and Piedmont. And apparently, Samaritan is struggling to meet their contracts. Between EMSA struggling to recruit and retain people, Samaritan running a very lean ship, and Pafford dropping dollars...
  12. RocketMedic

    Favorite Manufacturer

    So who’s your favorite manufacturer, both of chassis and modules (or outfitter, if you’re a Type-2 aficionado). I’ve worked with a lot of different manufacturers, but my most recent experience has been with Fraziers riding on Ford medium-duty chassis. I like the air conditioning and general...
  13. RocketMedic

    Social Media Advice

    This is primarily oriented towards the newer people in this field, but bears consideration for all of us. Obviously, social media is a thing. Facebook, Twitter, EMTLife, Instagram, etc. It’s not going away. So, here’s some advice. 1. Don’t engage cults of personality or pages. There’s more than...
  14. RocketMedic

    Medication Error Learning

    IwAR0FcyaqcxIyduap4c8CxBmSs9I010H1cYr9ZAqjUdbz9MX1Ay8LxUGxCUM Short version: RN accidentally obtained and gave someone Vecuronium instead of Versed, left them unmonitored, resulting in death. Lessons Learned: 1) Although the nurse is definitely to blame for the failure, they failed within the...
  15. RocketMedic

    Northeast Texas EMS

    Mildly curious about Champion and the rebranded UT Health East Texas EMS in Longview/Tyler. How is it up therein the Piney Woods? I saw some decent sign on bonuses but would like to know more.
  16. RocketMedic

    Member Passing

    I learned today that Raz, going by @LACoGurneyjockey , passed away at home off duty. He was 23 and a paramedic supervisor for Liberty Ambulance in Kern County, CA. Sad news. RIP.
  17. RocketMedic

    CA SB 1152 SB 1152 passed into law, which now means that hospitals have to discharge homeless people to appropriate places, provide clothes and food and care, etc. I reckon this is going to really hurt hospitals. To the...
  18. RocketMedic

    The Winter 18/19 Unicorn Hunt!

    As we arc into the season of pumpkin spice lattes, extravagant materialism and celebrations of hard work, I find myself at something of a personal and professional crossroads. I've got a considerable bit of fancy book learning and the mechanism and desire to use it, and both my wife and I have...
  19. RocketMedic


    So here's a call: 20 y/o male, electrocuted by "270 volts" x 45-60 seconds, then fell 9 feet backwards to concrete. Entry wound to left hand, exit wound to left-center chest (right around V2/V3ish). Patient was in ventricular fibrillation on initial encounter, defibrillated with 200J biphasic...
  20. RocketMedic


    Hello, I'm a paramedic, veteran and grad student working on a project. I'm looking for some current and former 68Ws and similar personnel to answer some questions. 1. As a medic, what sort of sustainment training do you do in your unit? (medic table training, specific labs, etc) How well is it...