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  1. hometownmedic5

    new to ems, I hear the pager/radio go off at home.

    You’re new. You’re excited. You want to do all the calls and you want them all to be Johnny and Roy masterpieces. A few stand up 24’s, a few missed holidays and social events, and a few 3am tone outs for patent and inarguable nonsense will burn that fat right off for you. Give it time.
  2. hometownmedic5

    Do resort rehabs work?

    Heres what I can tell you about addiction. It all comes down to the person being ready, from the inside out, for their reasons, to quit. Now, they can reach this point before they’re admitted to rehab, during, or after trying and failing; but if they aren’t ready, from the inside out, for their...
  3. hometownmedic5

    What has been your experience with language barriers?

    That would be an employee of the hospital, not a random stranger off the street. Whether the joint commission would approves is another matter; regardless, a bilingual nurse isnt what we’re taking about here.
  4. hometownmedic5

    What has been your experience with language barriers?

    We're having two different conversations, and you're being a **** about it. I'm talking about the conversational part of the process. History, meds, allergies, symptomatology, etc. You know, the stuff you might consider investigating before making decisions like medication administration...
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    What has been your experience with language barriers?

    I guess thats why hospitals pay for IPOPs, and use them for languages somebody physically in the hospital likely speaks(like Spanish)... I had a conversation once with a translator who’d been called in to translate for a patient who arrived with a bilingual escort. I was puzzled, so I asked...
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    1gm 100ml 10min(ish). I see no benefit to slow IVP. I likely as not need my hands for other things.
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    What has been your experience with language barriers?

    If you want to learn a language, learn the language you want to learn. If you want to be able to get by on a call, download google translate. It’s not perfect. It’s not as convenient as actually knowing the language, but its free and will work with just about any language. Imagine spending a...
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    Radio Recommendations

    Can you translate “but I didn’t heard...) for me? I can’t make heads or tails of what you’re trying to say.
  9. hometownmedic5

    Incorrect AED pad placement for lay responder First Aid/CPR/AED class

    The biggest reason to not do that is implanted devices. Since the proliferation of public access defibrillation, cardiologists et al have stuck to the upper left chest for AICDs etc, since it was decided, right wrong or indifferent, to place defibrillator pads upper right chest and left mid...
  10. hometownmedic5

    CCP-C vs FP-C

    Perhaps I got thrown off by the IBSC page titled “Approved Certification Review Courses”. Mea culpa for misremembering something from quite some time ago. I will go administer 50 lashes instanter.
  11. hometownmedic5

    EMT or Athletic Trainer

    Wow. You hit the trifecta on this one. Necroposting. Being dead nuts wrong. Being aggressive about it. Awesome work. Keep it up.
  12. hometownmedic5

    CCP-C vs FP-C

    When I researched the same question, I arrived at the conclusion that the distinction was that CCP-C included flight physiology, while FP-C focused on flight physiology, both as they relate to critical care transport. Also, CCP-C(at the time) required a training course, where FP-C you could just...
  13. hometownmedic5

    Radio Recommendations

    Not *ALL* transmitters. It’s a feature. MDC, GeStar, DTMF, etc are all types of this signaling, but if I turn signaling off in the programming, no such “chirp” is transmitted. Commercial radios can also transmit many types of signaling, including MDC-1200, the standard in most common usage...
  14. hometownmedic5

    Radio Recommendations

    Absolutley correct. You should never, ever, ever violate the law. Laws exist for a reason. There are very important, very strictly enforced laws; and other laws that exist for reasons other than primary enforcement. The number of transmitters on a particular frequency is one of those “serving...
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    Radio Recommendations

    The FCC has basically zero capacity to actively monitor the number of transmitters programmed for a given frequency overall. They could, in theory, determine the number of active transmitters in use at a given time, but I have never heard of a public safety agency or member being fined for being...
  16. hometownmedic5

    Neonate Restraint Post-Delivery

    Since the origination of the species, women have been delivering their babies wherever they happen to be when the time strikes, for most of human history without the benefit of any variety of actual medical care or attendant. This is still happening to this day in the third world, probably since...
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    Like when I took the NR basic the first time.
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    Your patience was remarkable to me. I had to take my NR basic the first time in Maine living in Mass. I checked the mail when I got home from the test and was disappointed they hadn't managed to get me my results during the five hour drive. When I took my NR medic, I logged in to check my...
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    How many paramedics dump ice on hyperthemic patients in the field?

    Oh, this malarkey machine is still a thing? I see.
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    Anyone took a break from EMS?

    I just found out yesterday that I did not get the Admin/Training job I was a candidate for. I was planning on using that job as a bridge to transplant if you will while I figured out what I want to be when I grow up. So I guess you could say that I’m currently on such a break, having no desire...