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    Mission Before Self
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    I have questions about companies that hire for special events

    A.M. pay is bad. They are cheap. Some jobs they want you to do 3 different jobs for one paycheck.
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    A-EMT Course in NYS

    Nassau County Fire Police Academy usually offers 2 classes per year.
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    Who has leads on paid positions in/around Ukraine

    Global Rescue Role: Short-term Contractor Paramedic, Ukraine Global Rescue is seeking paramedics to deploy to Ukraine to aid in medical support services to mission members. Medical support for members of this mission may include but not be limited to basic first aid to immediate lifesaving...
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    Paramedics For ukraine

    If you are looking for NGO Volunteer opportunities, Team Rubicon International was requested by the Ukraine Ministry of Health to provide teams on the ground in various locations including Lviv. They accept Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, AEMT. Upon passing their 5 day selection course you become...
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    Paramedics For ukraine

    I am too old to join the Military, the Military has an age cut off. I beleive 35 YOA with no prior service and 42 with prior service. I also have no interest in a 4 year long commitement. I don't keep cars that long. That in no way means that under hte right terms and conditions that I should...
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    Who has leads on paid positions in/around Ukraine

    The team's Medic, only becomes the Medic after someone is wounded, until then he is an Armed Security operator. FR/EMT/18D is a very wide variation in training level. Basically, they need someone with high threat environment experience with some Medical training who is willing to go onto that...
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    Who has leads on paid positions in/around Ukraine

    Thanks for posting that, now I have seen it for myself. The wages will likely go up as time passes and the battle wages.
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    Paramedics For ukraine

    What will Putin do if the Medic's surviving family refuses to pay for the bullet that killed you or the burial bill they send the dead Medic's family ?
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    Who has leads on paid positions in/around Ukraine

    Can you provide a link to the Facebook post please ? I have heard about this FB post from a friend as well, but no one can pass it along.
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    Attacks on Ukrainian hospitals, ambulances increasing rapidly, WHO warns

    We agree, the Russians don't draw distictions between Woman and Children, Ukrainian Military, foreign volunteers, Hospitals or anyone else.
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    Paramedics For ukraine

    I will show you in person, its easy. It was designed for an uneducated peasant to operate and maintain. If your TCCC is current, raise your hand.
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    Paramedics For ukraine

    Maybe a better question is, can you field strip an AK-47? 🇺🇦 As long as you are not paid, its a volunteer thing, why not ?
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    Paramedics For ukraine Interesting read. I would imagine they would also take AEMT's and likely any other skilled medical people who would like to volunteer.
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    EMT / EMS Student Ride Along / Observer in NYC / Bronx

    I was until April, now I am in Queens. Bronx probably has the highest violent crime rate in the 5 boroughs. I will let one of the guys on here research that and prove me wrong.
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    EMT / EMS Student Ride Along / Observer in NYC / Bronx

    Lots of structure fires as we saw today with the 19 who passed away in the Tremont Section fire on E. 181 St, plenty of vehicle vs. pedestrian (Brueckner Blvd.) , drug overdoses, violent crime. Wear your armor, good luck.
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    New York State EMT Written Exam

    The NYS test is 110 questions, 10 of those are pilot questions that do not count. They may be used on a future test. The level of difficulty is not bad, if you put your time in. The first time you take it, you may be slightly intimidated, but like anything else, the first time is the hardest...
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    LED Pupil Light Recommendation

    Looking for a quality LED light that is suitable for checking pupils. Thanks.
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    Oregon set medic

    There are a lot of Stages being built in N.J. since the Governor gave the TV and Film tax credit, lots of jobs in NJ. Still, more projects are shot in and around NYC than anywhere else in N. America over the last 5 years. Right now, Ca. probably has a slight edge over NY.