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    swine flu vaccine

    Swine flu vaccine article A warning that the new swine flu jab is linked to a deadly nerve disease has been sent by the Government to senior neurologists in a confidential letter. The letter from the Health Protection Agency, the official body that oversees public health, has been leaked...
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    IV Fluids used in your system

    LR *lengthens to 10 characters*
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    Self-Defense and EMS

    in a perfect world where every scene was safe the yes that might be true, then again if the world were perfect there would be no need for ems or law enforcement for that matter. regardless, i think it's usually unwise to take an all or nothing approach to these kinds of things. there are a lot...
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    Fluids for CHF?

    nevermind posted above
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    Hello Everyone

    i've been to portland a few times :) it's a pretty area. i love oregon. right now i live near baltimore, md. but we move around a lot so i guess you could pick any one of the 15 + places i've lived and go with that. ^_^
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    Fluids for CHF?

    one of our instructors said a similar thing. if your pt is hypovolemic/dehydrated and as ResTech said "showing hemodynamic compromise," then they need fluids. but their respiratory status has to be monitored closely for obvious reasons. really with any pt it's important to make sure they're...
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    Why are you a emt?

    i needed 6 units of diversity requirement. emt class was 7. so here i am :rolleyes:
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    Specialty in Abused Kids

    very sad... with all of the attention that child abuse has received it's amazing to me that there is still so little oversight... and sad that the numbers of kids abused is still so high... though one is too many in my book. still, it will be interesting to see what comes from that board meeting.
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    Finally out of Paramedic School!!!!

    Congrats!!! It feels great to be done :) Good job B)
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    Pulled thread

    it says it up front. it's not like it's some big secret or some sort of clandestine conspiracy. if you don't like it no one is forcing you to put up with it. my two cents.
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello Jaysen, welcome to the forum! Where about in Oregon are you? My mum's family is in klamath :)
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    I know it has been asking before......

    Go ahead and go for it. I went straight to medic school 2 weeks out of basic. The A&P is a good idea though. We were required to take that prior to being admitted to the program and without it I'm not sure how well I'd have done. But go ahead and get it done. The longer you wait and are out...
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    76 questions - Paramedic test, first attempt.
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    jep :D just got my written results this afternoon actually :)

    jep :D just got my written results this afternoon actually :)
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    Congrats!!! School is good. Done :D Best kind of school imo ;) How are you? What's new?

    Congrats!!! School is good. Done :D Best kind of school imo ;) How are you? What's new?
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    Happy Birthday Anna :)

    Happy Birthday Anna :)
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    ewwwww trauma pants. how's the shift going???

    ewwwww trauma pants. how's the shift going???
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    It's done, and official!

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    Medical Care the the USA!

    I think it's important for people to realize that socialized medicine is far from what it is cracked up to be. Yes, both systems have their good and bad points ... But overall look at the quality of care across the board. People wait months in socialized medicine for procedures and tests that...
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    Good Morning Anna!!!!

    Good Morning Anna!!!!