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  1. DarkStarr

    Light or No Lights?

    This thread makes me angry. Seriously, turn the lights OFF!
  2. DarkStarr

    Youtube video- Detroit EMS: No Unit Available

    No unit available? Happens all the time here in Beaver County! Seems like 961 dispatch is always scrambling to pull a truck from the hospital!
  3. DarkStarr

    When will we stop running code?

    That's annoying.
  4. DarkStarr

    Preparing for 911 as an EMT

    You wouldn't spend 5k ONCE to make 50k a year?
  5. DarkStarr

    First Successful CPR

    Good job. I have one save that I know of..well, I QRP'd the call from home for mutual aid while we were out covering them.. gotta love it. I got there within a few minutes and started doing compressions/ventilations until the ALS unit arrived on scene. From what I was told, they got pulses...
  6. DarkStarr

    5.11 Boots

    Mine have lasted me over 2 years now, granted I am wearing them thin. I definitely wouldn't hesitate to get another pair. The side zip is nice, and one of the reasons I haven't given Haix a shot yet.
  7. DarkStarr

    How do I prepare my girlfriend?

    Wow, you make my job sound way more exciting than it is.
  8. DarkStarr

    A poll: ink and guns on the job

    And I am all for having a weapon locked up in the narc box, such as a taser.
  9. DarkStarr

    A poll: ink and guns on the job

    Concealed tattoo and do not carry ON DUTY. Otherwise, a mix of CC/OC, depending on the dress code and activities for the day.
  10. DarkStarr

    EMS Defensive Tactics

    Good thread. I recently took an EMS Street Survival Seminar through EMS1/Calibre Press with a coworker in Atlantic City, NJ. Great class, learned a lot. We have been sharing what we learned with our other coworkers as well.
  11. DarkStarr

    Armed EMS. How many of you carry?

    I would carry if I was allowed. I do wish we were allowed to at least keep a taser locked up with the narcs though.
  12. DarkStarr

    Duty Watches

    Lost my one and only Citizen watch while on duty.. kinda upset about it, I liked it. No idea where it came off.. :/
  13. DarkStarr

    Powered Stretchers

    We have 3 of them (one for each truck), and they are great. Yes they are a little heavier, but know your limits and use proper lifting techniques. We don't mandate 2 person loads, but we do on heavier patients. I'd say 97% of my patients, I can load myself.. then again, I don't consider...
  14. DarkStarr

    EMS and Motorcycle accidents

    Really? I see more "squids" on Harleys. Sport bike riders are some of the safest, experienced, and most protected riders I've seen.
  15. DarkStarr

    Keeping a jump bag in your car?

    I keep a small BLS kit in my truck. I respond POV to a good number of calls off duty (and get paid) as a quick response personnel. If I can make it there before the ambulance on an E1, can be of assistance, they call for manpower, or if they are OOS and our mutual aid has an extended...
  16. DarkStarr

    how far would you drive

    5 miles to my primary job, 16 miles to my secondary.
  17. DarkStarr

    Shopping for boots

    I have had a pair of the 5.11's discussed in this thread for 2 years and love them. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase them again. That said, I am also looking for new boots and might try out the HAIX Airpower R1's.
  18. DarkStarr

    What does your agency do to get you home on time?

    Nothin. If your relief doesn't show up on time or relieve you on scene, you're it. We are a 1 truck service (ALS 24/7) with a second truck at times (usually BLS). Unspoken rule is if you get a call within a 1/2 hour of your shift, your relief will meet you on scene.
  19. DarkStarr

    Your Ideal Uniform

    Already got'm... 5.11 pants, black steel toe boots, and a light grey tee with our logo on the left breast and "MEDIC" across the back.