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    NMETC Online

    I'm in Arizona.
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    NMETC Online

    Congratulations! I have my interview on 9/5. So maybe we'll be in class together! I'm hearing all great things about NMETC.
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    NMETC Online

    Hello, I'm looking to start a paramedic program and I'm seriously considering NMETC. I live in Arizona and would be applying for their online program. Has anyone had any experience attending their online program from the West coast? Are there set times you need to be online? How did it work...
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    Paramedic school interview tips

    Did you do the interview? How did it go?
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Hello everyone. I'm from Phoenix, AZ and just signed up today. I'm starting EMT-Basic in February. This is a career change for me after working in a cubicle for years. I'm excited (and a little nervous) to get started. My plan is to roll into a paramedic program after I complete basic. Any tips...