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    Spinal Precautions

    Here in BC, Canada (again with this start, huh?) we use the scoop or "clamshell" almost exclusively. Coming from Saskatchewan, I trained on LSBs and rarely used the scoop either. But here we use the LSB for rapid extrications mainly. We can use the KED as well, but few EMS personnel here...
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    IV Saline for Hangover prevention/solution

    Wait! I thought if we were to leave the ball and chain of Oxygen behind we would finally be free to exist within dihydrogen monoxidase environments and sing songs of life "Under da dihydrogen monoxidase", and you want to break our addiction to it as well? Well sir, I say without some vices...
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    IV Saline for Hangover prevention/solution

    I got hooked on O2 in school. Even to this day I can't make it more than a few minutes without a few puffs of second hand O2. Cx = Conscious
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    I have on car both tympanic and oral thermometers, and because it is the cold north of Canada, we can perform a rectal temp on pts with suspected severe hypothermia. Luckily, I have never had the displeasure.
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    IV Saline for Hangover prevention/solution

    Perhaps I should have suggested that Amy Winehouse would know for sure, and then they would have caught the reference. But good comedy requires a solid pop-cultural reference, as any two-bit wise *** can pick on Lindsay Lohan. Comparatively, Chevy Chase vs either of those two, and Chevy is...
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    IV Saline for Hangover prevention/solution

    No need for correction if you are right, and you may be, I should have been more aware that legal definitions aren't as relevant here as medical definitions (my bad!). I don't have my Mosby's textbook around so I can't cite anything. I just remember the discussion back in school regarding...
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    IV Saline for Hangover prevention/solution

    yeah, it is really no advantage to a conscious person over a couple of salty crackers and a few cups of water or a large gatorade. But if you were to place a saline lock before going out and tipping at windmills and then starting a bag before going to bed, then there would be more noticable...
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    IV Saline for Hangover prevention/solution

    I remember a lot of students who would take home expired saline and some other supplies to practice, and while it is officially discouraged on one hand it is also admirable on the other. Who bothers with IV anyway? Why waste the time just to look cool? Drink a glass of water instead, for...
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    Interesting Human Body Facts

    No. I can't. But ask it and you get an answer nearly everytime that verifies it. It may be d/t diabetes or thyroid, but most often you'll find that the pt has had a bypass or something else. Either way, it will give you a hint of some medical Hx, especially if the pt is unable to answer your...
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    Interesting Human Body Facts

    if your elderly male pt has no leg hair, ask him about his cardiac history. if your pt has a yellow rim around the iris, ask him about his high cholesterol.
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    Treatment for flail chest

    Fascinating! Anyone have any other information? What about pain control prior to manual stabilization, ie: sandbag or bandaging? Isn't the point to reduce movement of the affected chestwall valid? Any other BTLS/PHTLS revisions that have come about in the last 3 or so years?
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    poisonous snake bite

    Call Poison Control and they will advise you appropriately.
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    BP - Auscultation over Radial?

    Here's another suggestion, grab your partner and a few others and practice it for yourself. Check normally and then by palp, then move the cuff down to the forearm and check palp and auscultate. Give a minute or two between efforts. Then post your observed results here.
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    Poor Historians: Asking the Right Questions?

    Thanks to everyone for their contributions. I should have been more specific for some that the questions that I ask in obtaining a Hx isn't problematic, it is the method in which some or many of us ask them, and that is where I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on better methods of...
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    Multiple IV Attempts

    Up north here, I can perform 3 pokes and my IV qualified partner can perform another 3 PRN. With diabetics (especially IDDMs) we generally try to avoid the hand since they are highly prone to infection and have microvascular issues (it's all about Quality of Life and how much they'll love you...
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    Flow Rates

    TESTIFY! Still, everyone wants to go in there with an IV in the arm and get the ED to sign their PCRs for the meds they gave. I just had a chest pain call and my pt couldn't do ASA and no nitro. She refused Entonox for pain relief. My partner started her on high-flow 02 (NRB) and I left...
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    Poor Historians: Asking the Right Questions?

    I consider myself a pretty good communicator; gooder than many other peeps I know anyway. But lately I've been running up against a lot of poor historians and ramblers in my community that can really frustrate me, say when I'm code 3 for chest pain, already 20 minutes on-scene, and trying to...
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    Flow Rates

    We go 2-4 Lpm (nasal), 6-10 (simple/adult face mask), 10-15 (NRB), 15-25 (BVM). On routine call, pt sats >96%, pink and perfusing, A+O, no dyspnea complaint, warm, no significant complaint, no treatments performend and a 10 minute ride to the hospital and I won't admin O2. If O2 will give...
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    Are you a hard azz?

    Ever have to put someone you work with in their place? I sometimes have to partner with an EMR (EMT in US) that is incompetent. I've had to report her 3 times to our unit chief now and I hate that I seem to be the only one doing it. I've heard that others have their issues with her as well...
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    Diabetic Emergency Question

    Sure would!!! LOL! Sorry, but as I said in the above, find out from the powers that be for this specific method of glucogel delivery before attempting. More times than not, there's nothing against it specifically. Where I live (BC) we are beginning Treatment Guidelines; the concept is...