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  1. Mercy4Angels

    Which SHOULD come first FIRE or EMS?

    EMS last - you wanna get killed or blown up ? if we get hurt then how can we help anyone else
  2. Mercy4Angels

    dumb cpr question

    30 to 2 for everyone single rescuer - 15 to 2 double rescuer infants and kids. ALWAYS stop compressions then two breaths...rinse reuse only continue compressions and ventalations with a et tube in place when directs by a medic it usually ends up being like 6 compressions per one...
  3. Mercy4Angels

    blood glucose levels...

    depends on the patient. a good rule of thumb is if you think they need it give it. worst that will happen is a nice sugar rush. as BLS you wont know the number cause you cant take the glucose level unless the patient does it him or herself. 80-120 is fine but look at your patient everyones...
  4. Mercy4Angels

    Taking Vitals in the Rig--Training

    if your an emt and need practice taking vitals you shouldnt be an EMT...
  5. Mercy4Angels

    Pulse Oximeter and EMT-B

    who cares just use it. I have a nice finger pulse ox i use on every call i just keep it in a pouch on my belt. CNAs are so far below us all they do is clean old peoples butts. they seriously pi$$ me off to no end. they dont talk english and think they are better than they are. they are the...
  6. Mercy4Angels

    Automatic blood pressure cuffs...

    i got ya ill just get a finger pulse ox and use my manual cuff..
  7. Mercy4Angels

    Automatic blood pressure cuffs...

    thoughts on auto bp cuff ive seen the small automatic wrist bp cuffs are they any good ? looks small enough to carry around. thoughts ?
  8. Mercy4Angels

    Anyone from NJ ?

    yea fanwoods a small town.
  9. Mercy4Angels

    FS: Blue LED Mini Light Bar

    done deal. how do you wanna do this. paypal ? im a premier confirmed member and you can check my feedback on ebay. tearsanddreams21 150 shipped....
  10. Mercy4Angels

    FS: Blue LED Mini Light Bar

    cool that would be great
  11. Mercy4Angels

    FS: Blue LED Mini Light Bar

    cool is it bright ? how does it clear traffic for you ?
  12. Mercy4Angels

    FS: Blue LED Mini Light Bar

    still for sale ? if so do you have a real pic of it and not a generic one from the net.
  13. Mercy4Angels

    two-way radio question

    motorola ht1250. 800 mhz UHF
  14. Mercy4Angels


    i have MRSA patient all the time. if your smart youll be fine. if its airborne MASK the patient and yourself. if its bloodborne BSI like crazy
  15. Mercy4Angels

    Orientation at Superior Ambulance

    OMFG 2 week orientation ?? how stupid. i got hired at a transport company and they said heres the keys radio and your in truck 21 your partner will be along id be so pi$$ed if someone made me do an orientation.
  16. Mercy4Angels

    Glucose sticks

    come on there are ways to cheat. i had the patients daughter do it once. just have a family member do it and your safe.
  17. Mercy4Angels

    Scenario time.

    shes altered if shes slurring to you. so thats your contra indication for glucose usage. call medics i dont care if her vitals are what they are. her vitals can be fine one minute and not the next. get ALS in route. activated charcol is no longer used and we dont carry it so that rules that out...
  18. Mercy4Angels

    Applying a EKG to a female patient

    well as bls we shouldnt have to worry with ekg's only the medics carry the least here.
  19. Mercy4Angels

    Lights, Sirens, and Radios

    cool thanks for the price but i can get a motorola ht1250 a bit cheaper and thats what we use out here neway thanks again !
  20. Mercy4Angels

    Do you wear your seatbelt in back?

    your a fool if ya dont wear one after the patient is stable. while a nice type three rig is a heavy truck and would probably plow a car. an 80,000 lb semi will eat ya for lunch.