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    Low BG unresponsive to Glucagon / D50

    Sorry - should have clarified: after D50 was given, subsequent glucose readings were checked by lab work, finger sticks and an earlobe stick. After the D50 administration the finger stick still showed 12, the earlobe stick revealed 398 and the lab work revealed 400 something.:huh:
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    Low BG unresponsive to Glucagon / D50

    Typical call with atypical results: So, I was dispatched to a local nursing home for an 82 y/o female pt who was hypoglycemic, I thought, ok, check glucose, rule out other possibilities, give her some D50 and perk her up - pretty typical call. We get vitals, do a 12-lead, all normal, BG not...
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    Benadryl OD

    I saw an OD on Benadryl once. Pt took approximately a whole bottle, roughly 96 pills, managed to get behind the wheel, crossed a major highway, while avoiding getting slaughtered by another car, and passed out in a ditch in the median in the car. He ended up seizing 11 times en route, status...
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    We are the "Hottest" ambulance service on the Coast

    I knew which cabinet it was in, only took 10 seconds and I had it. Go figure, I come off an extended maternity leave after having my twins and start with this.. Guess I have my black cloud back, just the one coming from under the hood :-)
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    We are the "Hottest" ambulance service on the Coast

    We just dropped off a patient at a hospital and was parked under the awning where ambulances load/unload patients. We came out and sat inside the unit getting ready to go back in service. All of a sudden our unit shut off and mild smoke came from under the hood. We were like "great, we...
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    EMT Shifts

    I have a pretty nifty 9a-5p shift working Monday- Friday and off every Sat/Sun :)
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    Universal Careers; 14-day emt boot camp

    Total rip off!! Also, I would not let anyone treat me, as a patient, with only 14 days of training. I would not trust their judgment along with their lack of expertise.
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    Registry Paramedic Registry, first attempt, 150 questions on the dot, last one I got correct (which I know does not matter), results in 3 hours, PASSED!!!!:
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    Why are most Paramedics Over Weight??

    I am in Paramedic school and our medical director has implemented a workout plan into our school schedule. We have class M,W, F from 8-4p, do labs from 1-3p and on M,W we work out from 3p-4p in our school gym. I personally think it is a great idea and we are all getting in really good shape.
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    Bit Worried

    Everyone copes differentely when it comes to the job and the demands that it will bring. Their are many positives and negatives to any job. You will have calls with good outcomes and some that are the opposite. I am a paramedic student as well and have worked out in the field for the last two...
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    What kinda car do you drive?

    My Car I drive a 2007 Ford Mustang
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    Uhh Dispatch, need a 2nd unit, my medic is injured

    Well, my wonderful partner and I were dispatched to a call last night for a possible CVA and we had a nice, quick two-minute response time. When we get on scene, the pt's door is locked and we cannot access her apartment and she is not responding nor answering her door. FD was in route with a...
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    Man Accused in Theft from Ambulance

    This happened locally, not to our company, but to Acadian at the next town over....I'm glad my ambulance is always locked....
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    Pet BLS

    That's out of my Scope of Practice.
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    Ok..Lets see those babies!!

    My Babies Here's my little ones..
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    Wow is all I can say!!!

    I'll see if I can obtain XRay proof. The hospital staff did confirm the story to me last night however.
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    Wow is all I can say!!!

    Okay, I was coming in from my shift this morning and I read the most bizarre and craziest patient report on our "Call of the Day" board that occurred last night.: A young male patient, in his 20s, called 911 w/ ABD pain. Turns out, he swallowed eight (8), yes, I said eight, 7" "dildos" on a...
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    The Crackhead with Chest Pain

    OMG! Where do all these dumb basics come from? I feel like my IQ gets higher each day. I would've had an ALS unit there pronto. I may be a basic myself, but I take my job seriously and treat every patient with the utmost respect and of the highest priority. Even if an ALS unit wasn't available...
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    Where do you work?

    1) AMR, South Mississippi Division, Gulfport, MS, we run in Hancock and Harrison Counties 2) Private Service 3) We handle 911 calls and Transfers 4) Our ambulances are staffed with a paramedic and a basic (ALS-BLS) 5) We mainly handle 911 calls, I average anywhere from 4 to 9 calls a night in my...
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    Japanese Man Dies After 14 Hospitals Refuse to Take Him,2933,487747,00.html