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    Ever forget to put on your gloves?

    been their done that to
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    Young EMS Personnell

    bla bla bla is that to hard for u to under stand
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    Young EMS Personnell

    yes i do u read what i posted.
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    Young EMS Personnell

    bla bla bla.
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    Crazy X-Ray pictures

    nice pic holy cow
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    Young EMS Personnell

    Hey bmennig you do a good job for our amb squad keep up the good work.dont matter what everybody else says you keep it running...
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    Your Experience/Time in EMS

    ok sorry for that
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    post recent calls

    not to bright aru u :rolleyes:
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    same dam thing:P
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    Your Experience/Time in EMS

    what are u talking about
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    This is the UNITED STATES speak ENGLISH.
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    Paramedics called coroner for man who survived gunshot

    good answer.I guess they need more training more than 56 hours need to take the hole class over .
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    Your Experience/Time in EMS

    19 years as a volunteer firefighter/emt.18 years on a volunteer ambulance squad as an emt
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    post recent calls

    It isnt hard to under stand what he wants.ah da
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    Thats funny 5 gold stars..
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    post recent calls

    Hey everyone post our recent calls Dept or Station's ran. In Wyoming County in Pennsylvania every Dept have been busy with brush fire's ect in the last couple of days... In Wyoming County their are 15 Depts Fire and EMS that we dispatch for.
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    What does your agency ride in...

    Mehoopany Ambulance Station 4 out of Mehoopany Pa.Wyoming County.Runs with a 2008 Ford E450 and a 1990 Ford Ambulance.The 2008 is our new rig that we got last year after our Station burned up we lost everything in the Station.The 1990 was given to us by a dept in wyan county in pennsylvania...
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    What made you start?

    I'm 34 i been in the fire/ems field for 19 years.I got started in the emergency service because i love helping people in my community.My grandfather interested me in the emergency service he was 1st assist fire chief for 30+ years before he passed away in 2003.My family is involved eighter in...
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    This just wrong, funny, but very very wrong...

    It was funny...And it was not SAD...