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    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to EMS and welcome to EMTLife! Feel free to ask questions and please make yourself at home.
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    BSI - What do you do?

    Always gloves, all the time, no exceptions...I have a family, and I intend to be around for a long time and don't want to catch something by being stupid. I wear glasses all the time anyways, so I only add additional eyewear if the situations warrants it. Gowns and masks come out for birthing...
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    Rescue Response-Qualifications needed

    Here, all ambulance serivce is provided bya fully paid EMS service, for which I work full time. The local FD's, 99% of which are all vollies, require that you be a minimum of a FR to respond to calls. If you aren't a first responder, you don't go to medical calls. The only exception is if EMS...
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    Been commented upon but not addressed directly: How to Look Like a Newbie

    The newbie's tend to have the whole deer in headlights look when they run thier first code/multi trauma/DOA... and then they usually end up confused about what to do and what to write in their chart. And of course there is the proverbial "bat belt" with various apparatus attached to it. As...
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Glad to see you have chosen EMS as a career path. Yes, there are plenty of FF/Medics that are here, so feel free to make yourself at home and ask questions. Again, Welcome!
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    Paramedic School

    Fortunately here in SC to become a medic or to even be allowed to sit for the NREMT test you must have A&P as part of your paramedic training. Now where or not what is taught in the class is adsorbed by the students is a different issue...some learn what they are taught and become better...
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    fell under glass table?

    One thing I have learned in 15 years, dispatch gets 80% of things right 20% of the time, or is it 20% right 80% of the time???:unsure: I always go into scenes expecting the unexpected...that way if its a legit call I'm all set, and if it's bull then I'm not disappointed and keyed up for nothing...
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    Hello All...

    Thanks you guys for welcoming me back! Its good to be back, looks like I have alot of reading and catching up to do. Guess thats what happens when your are gone for a year lol.
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    Hello All...

    Hello everyone, I have finally returned after a long hiatus. I am looking forward to being back and actively involved with the forum again, and providing insight and input to all who read the forum. I look forward to talking with you all again!
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    I will state that some of the information given to me was given to me by someone else, who was closely involved in said incident. I however never named this individual, or stated where they work. I am not interested in naming names or throwing mud, just in making sure that people can learn from...
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    Crics in the field

    Where I work we dont have RSI or needle Cric, and we prolly never will do the cric thing. RSI may come in the next year or so...our MD is really strict on this because of issues in the past with poor QA and providers doing whatever they wanted. The state here says we only have to have LMA to...
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    Tis the season!!!

    :beerchug: for those of us who have to work Christmas Day, myself included, may we all have a restful, uneventful shift!
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    I have started numerous successful EJ's without the use of a tourniquet, in fact I think they are contraindiacted. I have always been taught and heard that if you cant see it you cant sitck it, and whip the adult IO device out.
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    When You Became An EMT, Did You Volunteer Before Working?

    I volunteered while I went to EMT school, once I got my card I got a full time job with a rescue squad here. In 3 months I went from being on the transpo truck to being on the rescue truck ( of course I took alot of classes during that time too). Within a year of that I was an EMT-I and was made...
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    Who here rides?

    I had a bike when I was 10 or so, and after I fell and darn near shattered my elbow I decided that two wheels was two wheels too short!
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    Witness an Emergency: Do you stop?

    I stop when no one else is around, and make sure to call it in too. It helps that I am on a VFD in the county I live and work in, so I know most everyone in the FD's and LEO's here. I help until the appropriate personnel show up, then I scoot down the road. If its in my Fire Dist then I...
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    can we all say howdy to a new member here...

    Welcome to our funny farm! Enjoy your time here!
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    18 year old female...

    Well I would stick around for a few if she is still alert, try IV access and adenocard, after I got a 12 lead to verify that its really SVT and not A Fib with RVR. They both can mimic each other, and adenocard doesnt fix AFib RVR, however cardizem would work. Verify the rhythm, and then give the...
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    Five Year Old Fights for Life

    Very tragic, but hopefully the donated organs will save many others. That's the only good that can come from this terrible tragedy.
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    Hear's one

    Its only against the law to attempt suicide, not complete it!