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    Volunteering is not a prerequisite to work there. It is encouraged because essentially it is a way that both they can get a feel if you would be a good candidate for hire or not and if you would like to be an employee there. That being said, they have certainly hired plenty of people who have...
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    Patient care tech job at hospital or 911 service EMT for a college student?

    Both have different experiences. I would tell you from my own experience to pick the one that will best work with your school schedule. I managed to work 36 hours a week (3 12hr shifts) while i was a full time student in school. So it is very manageable. You get some work done in your down times...
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    Fees for 911 being called and fire dept/ambo coming out in chicago.

    911 (medical) calls get cancelled all of the time in my area. If the medics take some information and take your vitals or anything like that, usually there will be a fee for the refusal, and an even larger fee for an AMA (against medical advice) because believe it or not, EMS will charge for...
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    How long for MA reciprocity?

    are the verification forms the same as they were before the NR change?
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    CCT in Fly-cars

    Our medical director has his own sprint car and we usually have a EM resident (required as part of EM rotation) or doc riding with our sprint medic.
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    WTF cop?

    this kind of stuff happens all the time...weve even had instances where pd will tell us its safe and we show up and they are are pulling up behind us... none the less body position is key in this situation and leave a way out. ive had to pick up a knife and slide in under the couch or bed at...
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    Does working on a bike detail/team change what you carry?

    1 bike team (2 bikes) carries a full Paramedic bags worth of stuff plus o2 and an aed that can do 3 leads. Everything on the bike is stocked like it would be if it were a truck. just no extra stuff.
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    Bad FTO

    talk to your supervisor or training dept. (following chain of command) and let them know that you feel you are not getting adequate instruction/guidance. Maybe request for a different FTO. Unfortunately with the FTO process anywhere, everyone is different. One FTO may tell you one thing and...
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    Looking for a member of NEW ORLEANS EMS.

    Mike PM me for more about new orleans
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    Restocking from Other Units?

    we generally dont have this problem b/c A) we have to check the trucks at the beginning of each shift. B) we submit supply request electronically before we arrive back at the station so everything we used is generally ready to be restocked in the truck. C) we seal everything up and when you so...
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    MA OEMS changes

    most likely you will still have to take the NREMT since they are going to be using that as the standard test.
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    MA OEMS changes

    I am in process of getting reciprocity back to massachusetts ( i was originally an EMT there). It will take a while but with the state now accepting NREMT (as of 7/1/13), you should just need to send a state verification form to the NJ EMS office, then have them sign and seal it send it back to...
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    Mass EMT-B Practical Exam

    remember the basics...ABCs, scence safety/bsi...and review special operations and peds that is where most people have issues.
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    MA EMTs Please Help

    6 joke. PSI does not assess the practicals those are only done by the state so you will get a postcard in the mail from the state telling you whether you can schedule the written or not.
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    lucas 2 and long board use

    Agreed...we work 20 mins on scene unless witnessed, in public place, or trauma...or ROSC.
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    Do you need GPS for a 911 job?

    we now have GPS in all of the trucks. But during FTO you have to use a map book w. no GPS. Then once you clear FTO you can use what ever you want to look up calls, most use a map book or smart phone. I keep my own GPS up on the dash but that is merely for reference and so i can see street names...
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    Drug modules

    over time the plastic cover on the ampoule pouches break
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    Medics is your EMT ready for 911??

    As an emt who works on an ALS 911 truck, from the otherside i agree with with a lot said here. Know where you are going because your partner may not or will not be able to direct you everywhere while they are treating a critical pt. If you dont know something, or where you are going, stop what...
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    lucas 2 and long board use

    we use the lucas 2 a lot and have that problem even on short transports due to really bumpy roads. The back plates are supposed to have this plastic film that prevents the pt from rocking back and forth but a lot of ours dont have it. (Contact your physio-control rep about that) We have talked...
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    Bystander Complaints

    i would never actually do this...more of a humorous thought. We try alert PD when we know traffic will back up behind us if we are on a one way street that way they can divert traffic as needed...especially for prolonged scene times or if we have to drive opposed traffic to access a call.