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    ems pratical jokes

    stretcher to roof. When you spot another crew at the coffee shop or fast food joint, sneak over to thier ambulance. Use the belts on the stretcher to secure it to the grab bars on the ceiling.
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    Ear bleed

    Maybe she had iron deficiencys and was unaware of her condition. Iron dificiencys are common in teenage girls.
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    Glucometers and Test Strips on BLS?

    Finger sticks are so far not allowed in NY for BLS. I always feel retarded when I show up to a house where the wife expects us to do something, then asking her to stick her husband because we are not allowed.
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    Can't belive they won't answer

    I do not think you can blame the vollies for missing day calls. Maybe night calls. I ride for a vol. station that does not have set crews during the day due to lack of membership. Alot of people on squad are farmers or factory workers and are not allowed by there bosses to respond unless its...
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    Old EMS/Ambulance Photos Needed

    I have a history book of my squad. It starts in 1957 to present describing the changes, showing some photos etc. Its probably 50-100 pages. If you are interested email me at
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    Keep Looking

    It just goes to show you should always search for more victims. I arrived at an MVA last year. A car had hit a tree on the passenger side. First PT was belted in drivers seat. Apparently the unrestrained second PT had been thrown out a side window that was rolled down. Usually we have a...
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    Type II for BLS?

    I like type IIIs for a few reasons 1. Much much safer in a crash 2. Hold 3 times as much equipment do to exterior compartmets. 3. ride smother 4. can fit an obesity stretcher 5. 2 emts can work on 2 patients with ease. 6. more visible in traffic. 7. you can almost stand in one. 8. I don't hit...
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    Favorite EMS TV Show & Movie

    Ladder 49 looks amazing. I will be in line for the first showing in oct. I also have the whole Emergency! series on tape. As for that new 9/11 movie I will have my eyes plucked out before watching such political trash. Too many people died on 9/11 for anyone to use it for political gain in...
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    Psych Transfers

    I dread psych calls. I am 40 minutes from the nearest psych. facility and that is a long way to go with a violent 240 lb man who is almost busting the straps holding him down while threatening to rip you apart.
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    Bad call

    Thanks guys. I did go to a CISD. And I have been talking alot about it. Im feeling alot better already. I don't think I will ever forget it, but daily life is starting to seem normal again.
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    Bad call

    We all have those bad calls and sometimes it helps to talk about them to others. Or so I have been told. So here it goes. Last sunday I rolled up to the scene of a MVA. I got out and had my worst dreams realized. The first patient I saw was on lying in the grass after being thrown with a...
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    You know you're an EMT when...

    You believe coffee is one of the food groups. You catch your self eating twice as fast as everyone else when off duty. Your lost without your scanner(how else would you know the ambulance five towns over had a possible stroke call :-) )
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    MVA vs. MVC. AMI vs. MCI

    We still use MVAs, because no one crashes on purpose. Also we use the abbr. MI instead of MCI.
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    Response Times

    In my county we have a 3-6-9 rule. From the time the call goes out we have 3 minutes to acknowlege the call, 6 minutes to confirm a crew, and 9 minutes to be enroute. We cover 110 square miles so some of the outer areas take 15-20 minutes by ambulance to get to. So hypotheticly we might have a...
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    How much did your EMT-B course cost?

    Mine was 700. The state paid most of it since I am on a volunteer agency, and I picked up the rest. I also got 7 credits at the local college for it.
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    Are you an EMT or "Medic"

    I think for the general public, I like them just calling us all medics. But internally I like the emt designations.
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    My white uniform shirt, worst idea ever

    The volly I work for has no dress requirements but we are supposed to look "profesional". Due to human nature I don't agree with this dress code. I wear EMS pants and a red polo shirt that has my squads name, but most dress like someone off the street. The paid squad I work on requires a blue...
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    Worked a Code: Guess it wasn't right.

    It is sad that some ALS feel they need to treat EMT-Bs like dirt. I know many wonderful ALS people, and it is usually the few that give them the bad "paraGod" rep. You were totally in the right. ABCs come before the trauma accessment. Her airway was patent, but her breathing needed to be...
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    Body Armor / Bullet Proof Vests

    Is your freind wearing it on the outside? I have seen some EMTs wear it on the outside of their shirt and I think that is a huge huge no no. I know that when I work I want to look as little like a cop as possible. You may go through that door for a call that is Shortness of Breath, and find...
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    First "Wilderness" Call

    Hunting is big in my area so without fail we get at least one hunting accident a year. Thats when we get to play on our ATVs haha... That is a great example of not taking dispatch at face value. In my area all calls are grouped into categories such as dif. breating, chest pain, traumatic...