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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    70, passed One question appeared twice. Spent 33 minutes taking the exam.
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    Dangerous error in AAOS text Here's a bit from eMedicine: CBRNE - Incendiary Agents, White Phosphorus: Treatment & Medication So, don't use mineral oil. Copper sulfate is also contraindicated. Yeah, we probably won't see much willie peter in the civilian EMS...
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    Dangerous error in AAOS text

    The 9th edition of Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured says on page 522, (Emphasis added.) They mean, of course, potassium. Phosphorus must be stored under water to prevent spontanaeous combustion with atmospheric oxygen. The workbook compounds the error on page 175 with...
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    Patient Assessment

    Got family or a significant other?
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    Advancing EMS & Paramedicine

    Systems I'm all for education. How many people with nursing degrees choose to add paramedicine to their careers? Also, how many go the other way, adding MD or nursing after paramedicine? (Not counting tv characters! :P ) What data are available to answer the question, "Do morbidity and...
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    Rural Transport Decisions

    day late, dollar short Oh, frell. Where's the fourth passenger? The woman who was ejected from the front passenger seat during the rollover?
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    Rural Transport Decisions

    This is fun. I haven't felt like a dull student for decades ;). My initial response, black tagging, was that I thought there was no way to get him to a facility in time to do him any good. That, I understand now, was a mistake. As to the overfull stuffing of the ambulance: This guy's going...
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    Rural Transport Decisions

    The patient is right on the line between red and black. The decision is very sensitive to the details of the scenario. That's why it's so interesting. In my mental picture of the scene, based on the first post, he was a goner. We apparently have different mental images of "rural." (So, two...
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    Rural Transport Decisions

    Ok, playing with additional scenario background here. Local EMS knows the capabilities of the nearby ED, which seem to be "urgent care plus", and of their "helipad", which is mostly for outbound transfer (in good weather). Comms are adequate if sometimes kludged. Location is California...
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    Rural Transport Decisions

    7 Ps Systems analysis, otoh, I can handle: you've got a big set of fuzzy-valued parameters with, possibly, no fully satisfactory solutions. People do PhDs in computer science on such problems. A rural theater will have widely dispersed potential accident sites. The terrain, especially if...
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    Rural Transport Decisions

    One word My only qualification for providing this response is a CERT class: Triage. When resources are limited, save the saveable. Or so I'm told.
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    could it be true

    $42.50 plus 50 cents a mile.
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    Bizarre pupil

    feline iris abnormality Viral infection in cats can cause a wavy iris. My tomcat has one iris that won't close properly. The edges of the iris are buckled. Don't know if humans have similar viral infections.
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    Health-insurance for everyone in USA

    Reading the legislation The various arguments posted so far show some common themes. Unfortunately, some of those themes are old, tired, and wrong. The usual scapegoats have been trotted out. Malpractice reform is a good idea. The Department of Health and Human Services is taking action on...
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    controversial- what leads you to believe we are in a "legitimate profession"?

    I've got two questions to toss into the discussion: 1) Could Allied Health be the profession which covers EMS and the rest of the non-MD clinicians? EMS then would simply be a specialization. 2) Instead, might EMS be considered a Trade?
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    Lack of Oxygen...On the Unit

    sidebar -- regarding tanks Never having ridden an ambulance while upright, I have some trivial questions. I understand the various portable tanks, such as these: What are the mains on a rig? A couple of Ms? Big green steel bottles? An integral, built-in tank?
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    Lack of Oxygen...On the Unit

    Good way to get fired in the Real World™. An empty O2 tank is a clear and present danger to patients. Why are these people still employed?
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    Help!!! How do you remember all the drugs and dosages

    Not sure about national, but here's a pdf link to Wisconsin's Paramedic medications. Your state or provice probably has a very similar list somewhere.
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    Fire Bashing

    What are the economic factors? I spoke with two FD officers in my metro area. They both said that it was too expensive for the cities to maintain separate fire and ems departments. I can see their point; if the same personnel resources can be employed in multiple roles, the municipal budget is...