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    Vol EMS question

    About as much as I will miss them. It was a good learning experience, but my safety and my family's safety comes first. I don't take too kindly to anyone or anything that unnecessarily interferes with that. Yeah, that's what I just did. I left. Didn't you read my post? Just a run o'the...
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    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    I'm glad the ACEP put out that statement but unfortunately, the horse has left the proverbial barn. The video of these two docs has gone viral- pardon the term.
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    Vol EMS question

    Pfft. I just quit my volly job. Today. Was at one of the agencies listed by Dr. Parasite. I raised a safety concern about Covid. I won't get into specifics. I was smacked down pretty hard by one of the officers at my station who indicated as an aside that I was not a paid professional. Well...
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Hi everyone, I'm an oldster at 56 in a well known BLS program in Virginia. I will be a volunteer if/when graduated and successfully tested. So far really enjoying the experience, but also feeling like a fish out of water- the tools of my trade are normally wrenches and screwdrivers, not...