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    NTG and IV's

    Usually need an IV prior to the administration of NTG, but if the pt has his or her own NTG and the pressure stays above 120 you can assist with their without and IV.... :blink:
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    Spandex is a privledge not a right.... :lol:
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    Bad Month

    Yes CISD can be a pain. From my recent event of losing two friends and being the first one there to bear witness of the aftermath it gets to you. I didn't take the opportunity to listen what they have to say, but afer restless nights, not concentrating, nightmares, and waking up in cold sweats...
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    Naked doctor rushes to rescue man

    LOL, my pager has a vibrate function. LMAO!!! :lol: :lol: [/b] Leaves alot to the imagination huh..... :D
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    how do you keep in shape

    Now there is a good reason to join CVAC ;) ........ :D
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    Off Duty?!?!

    Now that the warm weather is here Golf Golf oh and more Golf and softball with the vollie....... :D
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    Can you win?

    took 35 questions to figure out a golf club....... :D
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    Do you use the PAs?

    Sometimes the PA comes in handy and we use it sparingly. At work at the new trucks don't have a PA too mnay people playing with it and some of the old trucks still have one. One time while going to a job the guy diving the bus was feelin silly so he decided to see if saying "excuse me " in stead...
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    How do you treat other providers?

    I know you did everything you could, Alex. You know I trust you with my life :wub: [/b] Thanks erika and ECC. I've been doing better after a little help from everybody and some cism...Rescuecpt has been a great help... :)
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    I need to learn...

    Funny that's the only thing I havn't transfered out from HH, but stranger things have happened.... :D
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    How do you treat other providers?

    I have had that situation of treating fellow members who are sick and injured, and the best thing is always be professional and do right by them no matter how severe or minor. Unfortunatly I had to do this on a big scale where there was 2 and a pt they had and the outcome was unfortunate...
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    Do you wear your gloves?

    Another good thing besides always wearing your glove is the longer gloves for when you wear short sleeve shirts. That little extra cuff sometimes can help... :D
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    Do you wear your gloves?

    Always got to wear your gloves. I especially walking into some of these projects you don't know what skell touched the buttons on the elevator, plus I carry some of those nice blue chucks, the disposable type not the huge nursing home ones, they have in the ICU for kneeling on floors while...
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    Ambulances - Best and Worst

    Just a guess, I see those guys at syosset hospital alot....or maybe even great neck, I'm just pulling nassau depts out my arse...... :D
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    Ambulances - Best and Worst

    Shoot, I meant EMTAl vollies at Riverhead. Commack on the brain... I wish EMTAl vollied at Commack. ;) Then I'd get to see him more than once a year! [/b] ;) Is that an invitation...or I could just buff jobs in Commack... :D Emtd29 you must ride with syosset fd right......
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    Glucometer Blood...

    Usually when obtaining a blood sample using a glucometer, the meters are only calibrated for capillary blood not venous unless it states you can. Also as a good thing never retake your sample post dextrose in the same arm you pushed it... As far as the type of glucomters, in my vollie as do...
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    Super Size Me: The EMS Diet

    There are a good portion of somewhat good people in the area I cover, but yeah there is quite a few skells out there.... :D
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    IV Tricks

    Just another day in good ol' day in Queens.... :D
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    Securing 12 Lead/AED

    Well I like you, so HA! :P [/b] :D
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    Securing 12 Lead/AED

    Yeah, SCEMS just started making us transmit anything that's not RSR... I have yet to transmit one strip, and no one has said a word to me yet, including medical control when I do the post call 34... [/b] That's because they like you.... :P