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    Relocating to South Carolina

    Looking for employment near Myrtle Beach. My fiance is a PA and is relocating and so I must find a job. Would like places with 911 and progressive. Thank you for your input.
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    Stroke Localization

    Does anyone have any websites that show you how to localize a stroke based upon asessment? I have been trying to study neuro anatomy but am having a hard time. I understand in acute stroke it is not evident on ct scan, so if the decision is made to give thrombolytics is there any way to monitor...
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    Airway rewarming

    Does anyone have any methods for airway rewarming for a intubated or non-intubated patient in the prehospital field?
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    AP vs AL defib pad placement

    Does anyone have any preference on pad placement besides convenience?
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    Would the community give me some info on this drug? When do you prefer to use it prehospital? Is it generally safe for any musculoskeletal pain? I know I'm vague about it but just unfamiliar and looking for some veteran preference. Thanks.
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    Resistance to pain medication

    I have run into a situation at my ems service. I myself advocate pain managment when given appropriately and I do not hesitate to give it. Even though we have a pain managment protocol, morphine and fentanyl a lot of the older medics at my service frown upon it. How do I deal with this and...
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    Proper tourniquet use?

    I was working in the er the other night when we got a leg amputated pt. I believe it was from a crush injury. Anyway ER doc orderd fluid, rsi, and a bp cuff applied to the leg inflated and maintained at 300. The pt. was not bleeding prior to application so was his reasoning reperfusion injury?
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    Transporting full arrest

    I was wondering how many other services if any transport cardiac arrest pt's. Under our protocol we can discontinue, but it seems fround upon at the service i work for. Most people say if theyre going to work it then they transport, if not they just call it. I believe that we should work it...
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    Hypoxic brain injury with OD/hypoglycemia?

    Ok this is just a scenario that popped up in my head. Say you found a pt. unresponsive from hypoglycemia that has been down for an unknown amount of time. If the pt is blue, hypoxic and you suspect they may have a hyopix brain injury how would you treat that? I know im probably wrong and would...
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    Intubation question

    Ok on my first field intubation I used a mac blade on a pt with a short large neck and got it just fine. My second I used a Mac on a skinny long neck, couldn't visualize anything, switched to a miller and saw the landmarks just fine. What is the best way to chose the right blade before you...
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    Arrythmias and drugs, please help!

    My protocols are vague concerning the treatment. We have adenosine, lidocaine, amiodorone, and metoprolol. Basically the only drug it says to give in a stable pt. is adenosine in narrow tachy rhythms. It prescribes no other treatment for those. For unstable is synch. cardioversion. Other drugs...
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    How do I view more threads?

    I cannot view threads past about three pages when its showing there are way more than i can see. How do i get to view those?