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    Doctor's Ambulance

    Basically they bit the hand that fed them (various FDs in OC).
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    Doctor's Ambulance

    It's not a bad thing that Doctors is owned by a company that was ousted in Orange County?
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    Manual or Automatic?

    I think maybe 20% of the US population knows how to drive a manual transmission. Which is sad, nothing like rowing your own gears and executing a perfect heel/toe shift.
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    SoCal 911 Employment

    I keep hearing "Yeah everything was great.....until AMR came and f'd it up"
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    Employment with marijuana on background

    You're automatically disqualified if you were in possession of a medical marijuana card. Especially since the DEA/ATF disqualify you from owning a firearm if you're a medical marijuana user. I'm a libertarian at heart and could care less if you did drugs and banged all the hookers in the...
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    Doctor's Ambulance

    They only work 24s and pay is $8. Don't tell them you want to head into a medical career or that you have no interest in fire.
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    White coats increase your ability to pay attention, EMS uniforms though...

    My uniform looks like a cop, and I'm not trying to look like a cop to get shot or jumped.
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    Part-time EMT

    Thinking about money while being an EMT is depressing.
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    Anxiously Waiting...

    EMS drama is almost as good as restaurant industry drama.
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    "Obama Care" versus wishful thinking

    I'm not against universal healthcare, I'm just not understanding how this country can afford to do so. Although on that note, the federal government does provide health insurance for about 2/3 of the population already. A single payer system is CHEAPER than our current system. But that...
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    Anxiously Waiting...

    Truth Being an EMT-B is about following procedures and protocols. Your main job is going to mainly be holding a gurney and having proper paperwork. Lawyers love to nitpick at people's paperwork.
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    Anxiously Waiting...

    That's your opinion and we all got opinions. Good call on getting a new printout. If you didn't, I'd put you on the same level as someone who leaves spelling errors on their resume.
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    Anxiously Waiting...

    Would you hire someone who doesn't follow directions off the bat?
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    "Obama Care" versus wishful thinking

    Yeah and what happens when you have a wait list of years to attend a public school? Have even less medical personelle and increase cost of care even more? The whole system is a mess really.
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    "Obama Care" versus wishful thinking

    It's going to the SCOTUS next week. Well, initial arguments are being heard next week. Problem is that we need a shift in society to make the mandate work. Lower cost? You have to lower medical school costs. Doctors charge so much because of the pain and suffering of 300k of debt they get...
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    South Orange County Jobs

    Doctors in OC is/was hiring. They only do 24s and $8 an hour. They also don't like it if you tell them you're trying to go to school for something other than be a fire fighter. Definitely get your app in with Pacific, they're down the street from Doctors (literally). Go a couple more exits down...
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    Part Time Work in Socal?

    Premier hires part time. Send them your resume.
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    ER Tech vs Rig Work

    Two different things but really ER-Tech is a difficult position to obtain as many who are working as ER-Techs are medics.
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    Upcoming Interview in SoCal

    Good luck on your interview. I hear a lot of great things about Doctors Ambulance aside from it being apart of AMR now. Any idea what their starting pay is?
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    If you have the paperwork, get it fixed, if you don't....then I'm sorry.