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    Can cardiovascular technology students get ACLS certified?

    Can cardiovascular technology students get ACLS certified? I know there are many job listing for CVTs which say "ACLS certification a plus" or "ACLS certification required", so obviously it's possible. Do I just have to sign up for the two day course? Any ACLS courses in Long Beach, CA?
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    Vasopressin in a patient with hypovolemia

    In a patient with severe hypovolemia, or acute right heart failure, would giving vasopressin (along with Nitropress in the latter case, to counteract its vasoconstrictive effect so it's ADH effect can predominate...don't want to increase RV afterload) be of use? Or would simply flooding the...
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    Nitroglycerin vs Nitroprusside

    What's the difference b/w nitroglycerin and nitroprusside, other than that NTG doesn't lead to cyanide toxicity if given over extended periods and has multiple ROAs. When would you use one over the other? Nitropress is faster than NTG, b/c it directly releases NO, while NTG has to be...
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    CVT student's nightmare

    Here's an interesting scenario. Reason I'm asking this is b/c I'm a CVT student, and I keep imagining I find myself in this scenario. I hope I don't! Scenario: A cardiovascular technologist who contracts with the local hospital and uses his own equipment, is eating his lunch on a park...