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    Per-Diem Dispatch Jobs in NYC

    I might want to work as dispatch over the summer for some actual pay however I might need help find out who does that sort of thing or if it's even legal for that to happen? Thanks, Chris F.
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    Tactical E.M.S. Scenario For Explorer Exam

    Hey guys, if you guys would help me see if this is a good explorer test question or not by answering it on the replies. thanks, -chris f. You are called to a SWAT officer down at a school hostage situtation. You arrive at the Staging Area to find that no contact has been made with...
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    Dispatcher Thread

    You guys should have a dispatcher thread.
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    First Responder Paramedic Trauma Bag FULLY STOCKED

    Selling First Responder/Paramedic Bag FULLY STOCKED for $250.00 . If interested contact me ASAP. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO VOLLIES IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE!!!!
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    My school's fire/ems explorer club! Check my school club that I started for next year. We are recruiting volunteers to assist in the club's administrative and online departments. So if you want to help us out please don't hesistate to contact me. Thanks, -C. R...
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    Forum Signature

    How do I make a forum signature?
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    Looking For Instructor to Provide FREE Wilderness First Aid

    Hi, I've been designated by my group to find anyone who is a red cross or other first aid instructor that can provide free training for us (Youth Squad) and BLS CPR for us. We also request that the exam be a online exam if possible to cut down the expense and time of a in-person exam...
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    Places to Work as Ambulance Attendent (EMR Level)

    Hey Guys, Are there any places in NY that take First Responders as Ambulance Attendents. Thanks, Christopher R. Fuentes-Padilla
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    NREMT First Responder/EMR Exam

    Hi, I'm new, my name is Christopher Padilla, i'd like to ask a question. If you want to take the Certification exam in NREMT First Responder/EMR Level. Do you nesscarily still have to show identification or documentation of a course. I took a course at the Boy Scouts of America and it...