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  1. Amelia

    Woman laying on ground at festival

    Hey guys- a woman 65-ish is laying down in the shade in a weird spot, like between two jumpy houses. Peole are there: shes talking, able to sit upright when requested, no complaints of pain or dizziness- a lay person ran off and got water and ice, all the mean time she is saying "im fine, im...
  2. Amelia


    I GOT N INTERVIEW!!! Its over the phone since they are in another state (new to ours) but I got an interview!!!!!
  3. Amelia

    States that do not recognize NREMT

    i just got back from WY where my parent live. I have wanted to volunteer for Cheyenne Frontier Days- but WY is one if the few states that doesnt recognize the NREMT. Well a couple days ago I fot to talking to some EMTs and they said that in a couple months they will start recognizing it. So now...
  4. Amelia

    Official Volunteer EMT

    I got the volunteer position! I am actually very excited about it! Volunteering and comminity service has always been incredibly important to me and volunteer EMS is a dying art- maybe this is the way to go. That will keep me busy while waiting for the paying job, eh?
  5. Amelia

    Nervous- still havent heard application

    I need honest answers if you can help at all, and you guys are awesome at being honest. I spoke with my husband's cousin who is a firefigher/EMR. He said that he changed positions, but his buddy got hired right on with the new company right away with the new Ambulance company. Granted, the guy...
  6. Amelia

    Emt b? I-85?

    Since each state has its own SOP, what makes a difference between a B and 85?
  7. Amelia

    Happy Independence Day!

    I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy 4th. If youre on shift, stay safe!
  8. Amelia

    Should I follow up or wait?

    Its been 10 days since I applied for the job- should I call or email for a follow up lte this week or early next week or just continue to wait? My dashboard says "HR Stage" but that could mean anything. What do I do, dear friends!
  9. Amelia

    body cameras

    I couldnt find any posts about this so I hope Im not repeating... I wanted to get your guys' opinions on body cameras since there is a social outcry. I know there has been discussion about extra cams in the back: I feel as if this would also be a HIPPA violation, but aside from that, on your...
  10. Amelia

    AED design changed... By kidos

    I think this is awesome. Bringing attention to AEDs and getting the youngins involved. Plus theyre too darned cute.
  11. Amelia

    Unfelt Fetal Movement

    27 y/o F who is 31 weeks pregnant with her second baby (no bleeding or cramping) calls because she hasnt felt the baby move all day. You arrive and as she sits, you use your stethoscope to see if you can hear a faint heartbeat (yes I have done this many times, in this case didnt tell her what I...
  12. Amelia

    "Requested Salary"

    A job position opened up for a paid position and Il applying- I hate this question!! I never know what to put! Thoughts?
  13. Amelia

    Got my very first patient

    2 days after I got my NREMT licence. It wasn't supposed to be my son though!!! He face planted on fresh asphalt riding his scooter and gashed his head open. Tried to control the bleeding for 15-20 minutes and he bled through 2 bandaids and 2 occlusive 2x3s. My boys and I were visiting my brother...
  14. Amelia

    Today's the "Big Day"

    After today there's a chance I may be among you permanently (as long as I keep up with my CMEs) I am so sorry that you will be stuck with me. God bless you all.
  15. Amelia

    First real shift!

    I volunteered my first shift yesterday- 12 hours... No calls. But I did get to know my former instructor better and got a lot if studying done! I will probably do more volunteering this summer. It will look good on the resume when I look for a job in August- having some experience. If we get a...
  16. Amelia

    Happy EMS week!!

    It should be -every- week, but here's to you!
  17. Amelia

    What personal items do you carry?

    On Wednesday I'm doing my first volunteer ride along with my instructor (I'm guessing if we do get a call, I'll do something since she knows that I was the best in the class and I'm incredibly enthusiastic about this career- as if I have to tell you guys) but I'm curious- what personal items do...
  18. Amelia

    A little annoyed w/ NREMT practices

    I'm studying and practicing my NREMTs using the LC since they wrote my book. There are questions on there that are our of our SOP in our state and subsequently not taught. I don't know quite how to deal with these- blind guess?
  19. Amelia

    Shift Bidding

    I'm curious as to how this works.
  20. Amelia

    Quick! Lady's pants!

    Ok, on very short notice (next week) my instructor invited me to run a shift with her. I'm almost positive that should we get a call (probably not) I'll be able to actually do something since I passed the class (NREMT is scheduled for the following week). Any recommendation for cargo pants? I'll...