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  1. Tincanfireman

    EMT thrown from rig; LODD

    EMS LODD AT DOUBLE FATAL EMS CRASH IN ILLINOIS It is with deep regret that we advise you that a crash in West Union, Clark County (IL) has killed EMT Richard Poorman, 52, in the Line of Duty, patient Stephen Daugherty, 45 and critically injured others. EMT Bill...
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    Wv ems lodd

    The Secret List; EMT driver killed in ambulance crash this morning at 0300. Crew and Pt expected to survive...
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    Cleveland to merge FD and EMS

    CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cleveland plans to merge its EMS and fire operations, union officials said today. Mayor Frank Jackson just briefed fire and emergency medical service union officials. Union leaders said the term being used is "integration."...
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    What you heard wasn't what I meant!

    Responded to a late middle-aged female slip & fall call last night at the airport; arrived to find a woman laying near the escalator. Witnesses related it had appeared she passed out while getting on and regained consciousness shortly thereafter. Other than embarrassment, she was fine upon our...
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    For Valentines Day; a child's view of love

    A childs definition of love.... A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds 'What does love mean?' 'When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his...
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    Drunk Man steals ambulance with patient and crew inside

    MADISON, Wis. — Authorities say a drunken man stole an ambulance from a Wisconsin ski area with the patient and paramedics still inside. Read More Here
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    EMT crashes ambulance on way to N.J. house fire that claimed his father

    We can probably Monday Morning Quarterback this one to death, but it's a tragedy compounded by a tragedy. Let's keep all the involved families in your thoughts and prayers... MIDDLE TOWNSHIP— On Tuesday, Jan. 26 Middle Township Ambulance Corps EMT Joseph Sims, was involved in a serious...
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    Cleveland EMS will reject some calls on minor ailments

    CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The days of Cleveland paramedics hauling people to the hospital for minor ailments such as hemorrhoids and headaches are over. At 7 a.m. today, Cleveland Emergency Medical Services will no longer serve as a hospital taxi for problems such as toothaches, boils and similar...
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    First Extremely Drug Resistant case of TB reported in FL

    A Peruvian national has successfully been treated for the first known US case of Extremely Drug Resistant (XXDR) TB. Treatment lasted 19 months at a cost of $500,000. Read more here...
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    School nurses and paramedics revive 7 year old in cardiac arrest

    Great story, especially today... BOSTON — Quick-thinking school nurses and paramedics are being credited with saving the life of a 7-year-old boy who went into cardiac arrest after choking on food during a school Christmas party. Read the story here
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    Santa Hat logo

    I like it...
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    Hundreds show up at benefit for sick Cleveland paramedic

    From the Cleveland Plain Dealer: James Taylor has helped save thousands of lives during his 34 years a Cleveland paramedic. Taylor, 62, is now fighting to save his life and battling pancreatic cancer. Taylor is one of the last of four paramedics who were cadets when the city’s Emergency...
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    Prayers for our brothers and sisters in GA

    Georgia has been hit with 100 year rains in the past couple days, with more predicted. Some communities have had over 20 inches of rain since Friday. At least 6 confirmed dead so far, including a 2 year old who was swept from his father's arms when their mobile home was swept from it's...
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    SC Att'y General says ambulance records should be withheld

    SC Attorney General Henry McMasters says that ambulance response times should not be released, citing patient confidentiality as the reason. Read the entire story here.
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    Amateur surgery on

    This is a video of two girls draining a cyst on a guy's back while he's sitting at a kitchen table. Best as I could tell, they used a drug store scalpel, paper towels, and a flashlight for illumination. Prepare the site? Naw. Gloves? Nope (special shoutout for the uttered wisdom at 3:06). Yes...
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    H1N1A Exposure

    Got a phone call this afternoon from the EMS director at my part-time agency. Seems that a patient I treated/transported last Friday came back as a positive for H1N1A; yup, I'm now a part of the whole national swine flu pandemic story. I had to go to talk to the doc at our workman's comp place...
  17. Tincanfireman

    Cash-strapped states raid 911 funds

    Money charged to cell-phone users is being diverted to fund everything under the sun, not just 911 upgrades. Given the state of the Social Security system and how it got to it's present condition, I am hardly surprised...
  18. Tincanfireman

    Man Steals Ambulance from Missouri Hospital

    A man was arrested after stealing an ambulance from a Kansas City, MO hospital. The man drove off from the hospital, then wrecked the ambulance and was subsequently bitten by a police canine while trying to escape the damaged unit. Read more here. (From
  19. Tincanfireman

    Mis-routed 911 call causes 20 minute delay

    A woman in Ohio called 911 for her husband, who was suffering an MI. Because of a combination of errors, the call was routed to a town 20 miles away with a similar street name and numbering. Read more here
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    Ambulance service to charge more for obese patients

    Shawnee County, KS (Topeka, KS area) commissioners have approved rate increases for AMR for patients weighing in excess of 350 lbs. Basic Rate will increase from $629 to $1172 and the per-mile rate will increase from $11.09 to $16.00. ALS fee increases were not disclosed. Read all about it here.