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    Paramedic Continuing Education

    Does anyone understand how the assignment to different course topics works? I am a little confused on how we know what component and course topic to assign different classes to. I was thinking about using the JBLearning platform as I can import CAPCE credit classes in, but things like a PALS...
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    IO Infiltration?

    Hey all you experienced medics out there... Just got off of work in a busy emergency department here in Omaha. At the end of shift we had a code 3 unresponsive party, no gag reflex, with snoring respirations. We opted to intubate but after 2 IV attempts, I placed an IO. She was a bigger lady...
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    NTG and Morphine I’m Inferior AMIs

    Alright guys, I know this has been covered before but I want to restart the conversation. With recent studies, (I will try to find them and link them) I want to kind of talk with the more experienced medics and leave an in-depth discussion for those in medic and learning. During school, it was...
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    Continuing Education?

    Hey, Everyone! Just wondering if anyone happened to know of the best in-class continuing education classes? Trauma, airway.... It doesn’t matter what the topic is but what companies and courses are they through!? Thanks!
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    Airway Labs

    Hey Everyone! Has anyone done an invasive airway lab? As it has been outlined plenty of times on this forum, EMS education is extremely deficient in the US. Since I haven't intubated since the middle of paramedic school, I think it would be beneficial to maybe get some hands-on practice with a...
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    Event EMS

    Hey guys! Just a quick question about event EMS and how to get into it. I know there isn’t much money but I think it would be really cool to work events like EDC, Coachella, or Ultra Music Festival. From what I’ve heard the med tent is very progressive with physicians and inducing therapeutic...
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    Critical Care Paramedic

    Hey guys! Really short question for you. What classes should I take prior to starting or completing CCP? Could I take A&P concurrently to it? What do you think?!
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    Needle Decompression

    Hey guys.... There seems to be a huge argument between some doctors and paramedics in my area. The docs seem to all agree that when medics do a needle decompression, if there is blood return, it is assumed to be a tension hemo-pneumothorax we DO NOT pull the catheter. However, in medic, we are...
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    Most Progressive Protocols 2017

    Hey all. I am going to be doing a final essay in paramedic school and I just wanted to post on this forum to see what everyone thought. I am interested in progressive protocols and perhaps sometime in my career, be involved or start a movement for a nationwide set of protocols and more training...