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  1. SoCalEMS

    Someone help me: Ambulance or ER Job?!

    I'm currently working as a full time ER tech and part-time on a rig (911). If I had to choose between the two I would go for the tech position hands down. Where i'm working it's the opposite, hospital will sponsor me thru medic school so it was obviously a no brainer for me. Compare both and see...
  2. SoCalEMS

    AmeriCare wants to hire me, but I have another interview...

    I know people that work at both companies and from what i've heard Premier would be a better option
  3. SoCalEMS

    How should I dress for a written exam?

    Definitely not jeans and a t-shirt. I would recommend business casual at the very least
  4. SoCalEMS

    Emergency Ambulance (Orange County)

    Always picking up new guys and right now is a good time to apply. Main station is Brea (daycars,cct,911) and we have Placentia & Yorba Linda (911)
  5. SoCalEMS

    Emergency Ambulance (Orange County)

    Yes there are many other options but if you wanna run 911 and get great experience i definitely recommend EAS. If you wanna run IFT's and don't care for 911 then it's not the place for you. I applied here with the intention to get hours for medic school and lots of ALS contact. Mission...
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    Ambulance Driver Certificate test for California

    Found this link a while back. Just click on the "study" tab and it'll start right up
  7. SoCalEMS

    Emergency Ambulance (Orange County)

    Maybe this thread will answer most of your questions. Seems to me like you should be more worried about the written test rather than the skills. Good luck on your interview!
  8. SoCalEMS

    AmeriCare Interview

    Agreed..unless they specifically said "wear a polo" I wouldn't. My last interview i felt underdressed after seeing the previous guy walk out in a suit. You can't go wrong with button up (plain) slacks (no jeans) a tie and dress shoes (polished) :cool:
  9. SoCalEMS

    Emergency Ambulance (Orange County)

    Nice hope it goes well... As far as skills go i've heard they do basics = ABC's, CPR, BVM and splints.. nothing too crazy. My buddy is out of town but i'll get back to you with more info once i hear from him.
  10. SoCalEMS

    Emergency Ambulance (Orange County)

    Thanks I've heard nothing but great things about the company! It's always good to hear positive feedback from previous employees :D
  11. SoCalEMS

    Emergency Ambulance (Orange County)

    Bummer -_- My buddy at Americare says there always picking up new guys.. you should give them a call
  12. SoCalEMS

    Emergency Ambulance (Orange County)

    I applied online on 2/6 and got a call back the next day. From what i heard they hired a lot of people so i must have applied at the right time. I would definitely call them back and do a follow up. When did you guys apply?
  13. SoCalEMS

    California ambulance cert practice exam

    How'd you do on the test?
  14. SoCalEMS

    Emergency Ambulance (Orange County)

    Thanks! just got a call back today and i start next week. Did you used to work for EA?
  15. SoCalEMS

    California ambulance cert practice exam
  16. SoCalEMS

    California ambulance cert practice exam

    Just found this website which has the questions and answers Click on the "study" tab and it should start right up
  17. SoCalEMS

    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    Did the whole 120 and passed
  18. SoCalEMS

    Campus or Online?

    Even though it sets you back some time DEFINITELY take it on campus. JPINFV has a point networking is key especially in this field
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    California ambulance cert practice exam

    Spent all last night looking for the site too and no luck...guess they took it down :censored:
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    Emergency Ambulance (Orange County)

    Just wondering if anyone has heard any good/bad things about Emergency Ambulance in Brea? All i know is they run 911 for Brea, Placentia, and Yorba Linda. Any other info on them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance