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    ALS Billing Question

    We do a routine transfer of a patient who requires diastat to go with for precaution, and because of that we have to send an ALS unit. We have yet to have to administer any medication and our crew members are arguing that they should chart the run BLS. Our argument is that regardless of how we...
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    Best ePCR software......and GO!!

    Our company still mainly uses paper and we also use the free version of ImageTrend to report to the state. What does your company use or what is the best software you have used to date? Please lead me in the right direction on making the best choice! I want pros and cons and anything else you...
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    Anyone else going through the TPE process? If so what all information did you guys send in On top of the required information?
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    Narrative vs entire PCR

    What info goes where? What info should be repeated if any? please lay this out for me
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    BLS Non-Emergent Transport of Dialysis Pts and how to justify Medical Necessity

    Im an EMT-B and now work in the back end billing side of our company. Im trying to balance what I know about the pts personally from transporting them and figure out on the back end if we are actually meeting medical necessity repeatedly for each PCR. What does your company actually require in...