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    Drug screening? Adderall as Cocain?

    So, i got an interview and it honestly couldnt have gone better in my mind. The man at the front i had a conversation/******** with and turned out he knew my family and grew up on the same street with my dad, and this the girl who interviewed me was his daugher, a girl around my age, which we...
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    Any recommended stethoscopes?

    I hear littmann is a pretty popular and relliable brand? Anyone recommend a certain brand as well as model? Just about to apply for a job as an EMT but wanted to grab a good stethoscope before i jump into it.I remember in my EMT course we had the most junk stethoscopes that you couldnt really...
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    Passed my fourth attempt. Not sure on the exact number but it had to have been in the very low 60s or high 50s. Another odd thing was i maybe had two questions out of the entire test that i actually put oxygen on someone? If anything, i would recommend studying and being very familiar with...
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    Most blood loss, Femur or Pelvic Fracture?

    Just going over some study questions and i got a question wrong regarding most blood loss in a fracture. I chose Pelvic fracture, but the answer was femur, but when i looked into it i found out a femur loses 1000 ml blood Pelvic fracture said up 1500 ml of blood loss, which i confirmed from my...
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    Need some clarification

    One of two things. First, regarding impaled objects. My class EMT textbook (2016) states that you cover up BOTH eyes during an eye impalement, but notes not all EMS systems use that approach. A app i use online states that you only cover one eye.and i would hate to miss such a silly question...