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  1. captaindepth

    Do you even EKG bro?

    I as looking through my phone and found all the pictures of interesting (or what I though was interesting at the time) EKGs and thought a thread for "strictly strips" would be cool. If people have pics of interesting strips they want to share/discuss I thought this could be a good thread for...
  2. captaindepth

    Would you activate the Cath lab or not?

    Called to a crowded arena after a public speaking event for a 65y/o male with a "seizure." When you arrive you find the patient sitting on the ground outside of the building against a wall in the shade. The patient is awake and alert and denies any current complaints (A&O x 4 with a GCS of 15)...
  3. captaindepth

    Unique scenario leading to cric

    Here is a cool video of a cric and a discussion to follow the procedure. I am wondering how you guys would have handled this scenario? Was the cric necessary? Why not nasally intubate? Was it appropriate...
  4. captaindepth

    Interesting EKG

    Snapped this really interesting EKG the other day. The pt was an extremely poor historian from an independent living facility and staff was not much help either. All vital signs WNL, pt denies any C/P, SOB, or dizziness and only states he has had increased weakness over the past 48 hours with...
  5. captaindepth

    Systems that run 100K + calls a year

    Just curious if anyone on here works in a system that runs close to or more than 100,000 calls a year. Is it a SSM type system or run out of stations? How many ambulances on at peak times and generally how many calls per shift? How's the moral of the crews and most importantly do you guys enjoy it?!
  6. captaindepth

    First call for a paramedic student

    You are dispatched for a 60-70y/o male pt with chest pain @ 0630 U/A Pt was pale/cool/ and extremely diaphoretic. Pt appeared lethargic but alert and able to answer questions appropriately. BP unobtainable (manual attempt x 2), no distal pulses, and a RR of 20. The wife sates he had been awake...
  7. captaindepth

    Denver Health P-School

    Just wondering if any one has an opinion on Denver Health's paramedic school. How would you compare sweedish vs. DH? I've heard DH will hire top students from their paramedic program, any truth to that? Im a full time EMT for springs AMR and have gotten tons of great 911 experience, time to take...
  8. captaindepth

    Upcoming interview nerves (serious nerves).

    So i recently have switched careers and i have my first EMT-B interview coming up. I have been NREMT-B certified for the last 6 years and have always done my CE and even have few other ems related certs. My big concern is i have never actually worked in the field and have very little hands on...