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    premier vs liberty ambulance

    hey just wanted to say thank you for the advice it really drove me to not take my first offer and wait for something that will really benefit me, I've been at care now for almost 4 months!
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    AMR riverside

    hey i really appreciate all that advice!!! how is life at amr?? i ended up going with CARE , but really appreciated your help on my questions, best of luck to you brother
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    hey are you working for care now?

    hey are you working for care now?
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    emt in need of advice from all around the U.S

    hey everyone, first off if you reply to this with general knowledge of your area/city it means a lot and thank you... okay so i am a emt-b in california. min wage $10 i run 911... i am in medic school now but do not want to be a medic in california whatsoever. i am not educated on any other...
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    hi im sorry I just saw this, im guessing you have taken the test by now? how did it go

    hi im sorry I just saw this, im guessing you have taken the test by now? how did it go
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    AMR riverside

    hello everyone, not sure where to post this but if anyone has info on AMR period I would like your intake... I am going in for the test soon and I want to know what to expect, does anyone know if the test is basic? im stressing a little, also what interview questions should I be looking out for...
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    emt physical/agility test

    ok so I failed my first attempt for the back test and weights, im a girl and no into weights at all, im super bummed and joined the gym bc my next test is in 3 weeks, the back test is based on your own weight an you need to lift 80% of your own weight, now I am 20lbs overweight for my height...
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    premier vs liberty ambulance

    exactly what I was thinking, just take the 1st job I get then reapply that was great advice, I will do just that. thank you much appreciated
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    Care ambulance conditional job offer

    I took it too for care and failed, it was devastating....did you find out how you did? and does anyone have advice on how to pa the back test?
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    premier vs liberty ambulance

    does anyone know what the lifting test is for liberty? I got hired at care but failed the back test, emergency ambulance said they will wait for me to hit he gym for a few months then go back to them and pass the back test...
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    Looking for work (EMT-Basic in California)

    'oh wow how do you like premier? can I ask what the pay is for emt? and wht to expect for the interview tomorrow? thanks again for all your help!
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    premier vs liberty ambulance

    thank you so much great advice!
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    Looking for work (EMT-Basic in California)

    also... I got a job offer at liberty in downey , would u have a recommendation on which to consider?
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    Looking for work (EMT-Basic in California)

    you helped ALOT thank you again! can I ask where you work?
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    Looking for work (EMT-Basic in California)

    thank you so much, do you know if they have any 24 hr shifts? or does it not work like that with ift?
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    premier vs liberty ambulance

    hey guys good day! I need so advice, I am a new emt in oc/la area. I have a job offer at Liberty Ambu in downey, ca and also Premier Medical transport in brea, ca I don't know much about either ...does anyone have advice on which one I should take? I honestly just want action, and experience...
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    Premier Medical Transport, Brea CA

    I want to know more about premier anyone have any info? ex- shift hours? OT? benefits, pay, areas they cover, what they cover? honestly anything lol
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    Lynch/Premier pay rates?

    does anyone have any info on premier in brea? I have an interview tomorrow, just kind of want to know basic info about the co
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    Looking for work (EMT-Basic in California)

    im actually interested in premier and have a interview tomorrow, does anyone know whats it like to work there?
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    Emergency Ambulance (Orange County)

    hi! I am coming in this week for my written test and I want EA more than anything and was hoping you can tell me what subjects to study up on ? thanks!