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  1. HasTy

    We Remember Rob "AJ Hidell" Davis

    Aj, I don't even know where to start...I owe ya so much and never had a chance to get that beer with ya...I guess for now the best thing I can say is thanks...
  2. HasTy

    On the Ground in Tuscaloosa AL

    Even being here and working here it is hard to wrap your head around the scope of things that was just a small section of a mile wide tornado that was on the ground for a long time.
  3. HasTy

    On the Ground in Tuscaloosa AL

    My photos from the ground of Tuscaloosa Alabama. I took these as today was my day off.
  4. HasTy

    Rural Metro buffalo NY

    No worries we have all done it....
  5. HasTy

    Rural Metro buffalo NY

    As a member of a R/M area I would have to say that for the most part I agree with Shocks. I have had the occasional supervisor that thought we were numbers to get numbers to make numbers but that is the exception rather than the rule. Now for a slight slap on the wrist and do not take this as...
  6. HasTy

    EMS is public safety.

    For Starters where Brown lives to become a paramedic is the US equivalent of being a pre-med student. It takes three years for Brown to become a qualified ICP. (Correct me if I am wrong Brown) 100 Hours is what a MFR should have as required training my friend...In one of your other threads...
  7. HasTy

    EMS is public safety.

    Ok kid I have tried to keep my mouth shut through all of your questions but this statement just makes me feel like I have to seriously think that your 100 hours of course work gives you suitable knowledge to hold someone life in your hands.... Now about this public safety...
  8. HasTy

    Best Pranks

    I don't care who ya are thats just funny right there....It doesn't effect response times and it doesn't harm anyone.
  9. HasTy

    Osama Bin Laden, is Osama ben better now

    BREAKING NEWS: A US official says Osama bin Laden's body has been buried at sea (AP) I am beginning to think we got suckered folks....sounds a little fishy...
  10. HasTy

    Mercy Ambulance North San Diego County

    While I am not currently looking for a job some people I know are...I forget where I heard that probably should have taken it with a grain of salt. Thanks for the info Shot.
  11. HasTy

    Mercy Ambulance North San Diego County

    SD_EMS I thought I had heard somewhere that Pineapple Express went out...
  12. HasTy

    I need to hire an EMT for a 1 day event

    OP I am not sure if the IE chapter of the American Red Cross does first aide stations or not however that would be your best bet to start. Also they would have to work in conjunction with the Med Director of you local service to allow them to work under his license. I work FAST for the Rose...
  13. HasTy

    You can speed and won't get in trouble

    JP as one who makes this stretch of road a regular occurrence especially during the summer month I can vouch that you are correct very rarely do you run into someone that is going less than eighty and at that time of night I can not remember the last time I ran into someone going the actual...
  14. HasTy

    The Elforro Template

    Well now everything is crooked....and diagonal but eh who cares it will be over with before to long....I am glad that this worthless tradition only comes around once a year...
  15. HasTy

    Silent Intercom?

    All of the rigs I have worked on until this most recent round of purchases had those I always wondered what they were for however I never bothered to ask and I never beans.
  16. HasTy

    the 100% directionless thread

    He has been a little nuts ever since I got here...
  17. HasTy

    Anyone ever.. ?

    I have in my brief career I worked for two different companies.
  18. HasTy

    I get it wrong every time. What IS the answer?

    I have learned from recent experience to take nothing for granted as far as people being serious about responses...I do generally give the benefit of the doubt until proven wrong.
  19. HasTy

    Best Pranks

    Nice M1 That is awesome...while I have not done alot of pranking in EMS with my theatre gigs we love to prank alot my favorite is when we went in to the restroom and took the leading mans towel while he was in the shower and replaced with his t-shirt (non costume) now mind you he was blind as a...
  20. HasTy

    I get it wrong every time. What IS the answer?

    I would say d for the numerous reasons stated above as far as asimurk's response I can't believe that I read that dude...I hope you weren't serious...