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  1. firecoins

    EMT Employment Disqualification

    You can probably get a job as a medic doing IFT or event staffing until it goes off your record. It might be difficult to get a 911 job but it’s not an automatic disqualificatio. And your chances increase after a few years with a good driving record.
  2. firecoins

    What has changed since you started?

    2 man stretchers that we had to dead lift into the ambulance. I remember learning mast past. Never used it but I was tested on it.
  3. firecoins

    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    NYC is usually overcrowded. Its a lot worse now of course. I've been In Elmhurst Medical center within the last couple of days and the situation there isn't good.
  4. firecoins

    EMS Apps

    There is an app called twiage that allows us to notify the local ER in Hudson Valley area of NY without having to call. Mobile MDT which a NYC protocol app and tells you the closes hospital by specialty is. Both apps are quite local.
  5. firecoins

    Becoming desensitized- what's your story?

    I’ve handled some gruesome calls. That being said, I was too busy working to “handle it” if That makes any sense.
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    CPR endurance exercises?

    push ups, lots of push up.
  7. firecoins

    What unusual medications have you given/seen given during a code?

    Not sure of any unusual meds, just older protocols.
  8. firecoins

    overdose deaths - what drug are you seeing in your area

    etoh abuse. heroin but no heroes.
  9. firecoins

    How long does it take to become a flight medic

    How long does it take for the helicopter to take off? That how long it takes to be a flight medic. One second you are ground medic, the next second you are a flight medic. Everything that goes up, must come down. You become a ground medic just as quickly.
  10. firecoins

    EMS discontinuing life support.

    That doesn't get transported back. Its beyond our scope. They have to have their own vent at the residence and hospice takes care of that. If thats not set up, they don't get transported.
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    New York City EMS

    Voluntary hospital units are paid crews. There are both bls and ALS.
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    My NYC Job Hunt Plan. Please advise.

    Transcare and SeniorCare say to 6 to 12 months. Don't really expect that. They mess with some people while letting other people directly into 911. Look into NJ, Long Island and Westchester also. Empress in Yonkers will give you a mix of 911 and transport.
  13. firecoins

    Samaritan Ambulance - SUSPENDED

    I work a private IFT company and handle SNF emergencies primarily. I don't see why a BLS crew could not transport an emergency. They have an ambulance. Arrange for an ALS intercept and go meet them unless the ER is closer.
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    Self Defense Instruments

    I carry a saxophone for self defense
  15. firecoins

    Preferred type of shirt while working?

    A clean shirt is my preferred shirt.
  16. firecoins

    Nj emt or ny emt

    They are both easy. Easier is subjective. I took the NY one and easily passed. NJ is just as easy.
  17. firecoins

    A Poll: When You're Off-Duty

    Cops generally don't care in mily humbe experience. No reason to carry a jump kit. Can't do much anyway.
  18. firecoins

    Nj emt or ny emt

    Get both.
  19. firecoins

    IFT calling 911?

    This is Jersey. I am sure it's not company policy. The company wants to get paid. The medics are fly car based and can take calls to the er on IFT or 911 rigs. There is no reason a jersey bls IFT unit couldn't call for ALS and transport. Did it all the time when I worked a bls IFT rig.
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    Passed the NY Exam, a few questions.

    Doesn't matter. Transcare would be the "best" if one would call it that.