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    the 100% directionless thread

    A year after I started this whole journey, I'm going to take (and more then likely ace) the state Practical for EMT-B. And on my birthday, no less! ...And that's when we get dispatched to a nursing home that doesn't know where the patient is.
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    What do you carry 24/7 while on or off the job?

    On call: gloves Phone Wallet Pen Watch Regular life: phone Wallet Portable dialysis machine CPR mask/gloves in my backpack Watch After all, I can pull an ambulance out of thin air (give or take 10 minutes) with my phone.
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    Ambulance worker accused of sexual battery on patient

    I'd give him the BOTD if he didn't run... by why did she wait for so long before reporting it?
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    the 100% directionless thread

    After having way to much time on my hands, I realized the one exception to "and five is four" Nine. Unfortunately, this was pointed out to me after I challenged my friends to find a number that didn't suit the rule- there goes ten bucks! :P
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    Retiring from the Forums

    Hope to see you back, you always provided interesting points ^_^
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    Stupid things you did on your first few calls

    #11, it's storytime again!:rolleyes:
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Seems a little extreme, maybe you should set up a sprinkler next year?:P
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    How important is all this education?

    A few key benefits? Trying to condense this topic down a bit:) Reasons for physician assistance on emergency medicine units: 1. More comprehensive on-scene diagnosis, leading to better allocation of resources. 2.Ability to draw from a more extensive educational background to tailor together a...
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    Flight team LODD, Alpine, TX

    Agreed :sad:
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    Whacker Stories!

    I have a personal first aid kit, and a more extensive travel one. I generally have the pocket one (gloves, small gauze bandages, alcohol wipes) on me if i'm going somewhere with a medium/large group- does that make me a whacker? After learning a fellow student of mine is a volunteer, I...
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    Happy Fourth of July!

    Happy Independence day! Learned that fuses can be delayed...and that i'm extremely lucky ^_^
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    How the AED changed our industry Chalk one up for emergency health education :)
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    Pat Downs

    I think that most patients should be willing to put aside their weaponry if told that it would be taken from them anyway at a later time, especially if you do it in a overtly empathetic way. Ordering a person with a weapon around would probably complicate the situation, regardless of whether or...
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    To all of the doubters-

    Congrats, hope you go far!
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    Interview Riddles

    Hows about the jump bag? ^_^
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    How young could a kid learn CPR?

    I know that is a regular part of our county's high school health course (along with very basic first aid), so kids aged 13-16 are routinely exposed to it. Its one thing to learn it for a class though, and another to learn it for prospective use.
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    4th of July

    I'd guess like any other fairly major holiday, with more burn victims thrown into the mix (fireworks and alcohol dont go well together)
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    whooping Cough Epidemic - California

    Thats pure awesomeness, how were they doing?
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    SOP for Child Birth

    To be honest Nothing scares me more in the future then being at a childbirth- i'd much rather see a MCI with traumas up the wazoo, then have to be a catcher for a baby :ph34r: Following this thread closely, as you might imagine :P
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    Persistence and patience pays off.

    Congrats! Hope you do just as well in your other endeavors :)