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    The New Look of EMTLife!

    Nice clean look! I like it. Viewing from my desktop in Chrome.
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    Ethics question: Would you work on your EX?

    We don't have shifts or schedules. We run calls as they come. We're losing two EMTs by the end of the year. Your odds are based on ignorance, as you said yourself, because you know nothing about the agency or our area. There is a veryhe needed EMS, particularly after the first of the year, I'd...
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    Ethics question: Would you work on your EX?

    My concerns are in my first post. Enough identifying info is usually in dispatch info. I know she's right.
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    Ethics question: Would you work on your EX?

    My daughter's feelings are within our state's duty to act. If you aren't referring to that you will have to clarify.
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    Ethics question: Would you work on your EX?

    My ex was (is) not a very pleasant person, particularly to me and my oldest daughter. We were together over 10 years when I left him early last year. He was controlling and mentally and verbally abusive. He did not support me becoming an EMT and he still feels that EMS takes me away from "his"...
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    Too old for emt?

    I'll be 33 years old in a few days, fit and healthy. I have had no issues.
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    If you had access to all of your agencies info, what research would you do?

    I would take a QA/QI approach and look at what kind of calls we were getting and if we needed to tweak our training programs, continuing education, or equipment to better suit. I would look for response times, good and bad documentation practices, and ensuring that the correct equipment was...
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    worried about losing my license

    Would three of your peers have done the same thing? Do you feel you were negligent?
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    How long of a shift does an EMT and Paramedic work?

    I agree, there is no one answer. My main dept doesn't schedule (yet) so that's pretty much on call for whomever is around the are. The other organizations I've run with have had 6 or 12 hour shifts, one requires 24 hour shift weekend once a month, 12 hour shifts, and everything in between.
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    First Aid for Brownies/Girl Scouts

    The outline I attached in my OP above is from the Troop leader.
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    What do you carry? - The mega thread

    For EMS specifically I carry a pen, penlight, pair of trauma shears, and two pairs of gloves on my person. If I'm in my FFer turnout gear I have a bottle of water in one of my pants pockets. Depending on who I'm running with I may carry my pager or leave it on my vehicle's visor. I carry an EMS...
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    First Aid for Brownies/Girl Scouts

    Ohhh, good idea. Maybe I will enlist help of an interior to run that area. LOL!
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    Sternal rub... who's doing it?

    EMS did sternum rub on my 17yo daughter last night. Two sets, one from FD and one set from ambulance service. She had chest pain from it earlier but she's fine now. It was really the only thing she responded to. We think she was having reaction to new medication, in case anyone was curious.
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    First Aid for Brownies/Girl Scouts

    Never seen the movie but my friends are pervs so I have heard that statement before.
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    First Aid for Brownies/Girl Scouts

    I need ideas for things our BLS squad can do to for Brownies and Girl Scouts trying to earn their First Aid badges. I have attached the outline that the leader gave us. I was thinking of having them cut their own cravat from bed sheets (or something) and then show them how to properly dress a...
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    Women's EMT pants fit issues

    Mine don't fit like that. I am 5'2 and 120lbs. I have wide hips and carry some junk in my trunk but am small everywhere else. I wear Tru Spec.
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    How accepting are the EMS/FD community?

    I really don't care if someone I'm working with is gay or straight as long as they do their job and don't rattle on about their bedroom activities or relationship issues. That goes for gay and straight couples. I really don't think it's anyone's business what orientation someone unless that...
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    New EMT Questions

    Our rescue has Aed and CPR equipment on it so it may make a big difference. We also have trauma bag, burn kit, etc. On rescue. As far as number of people, my department usually runs with a driver and 1 EMT. We do have a couple EMRs that hop on here and there. We call for lift assistance as...
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    New EMT Questions

    My squad is part of a volunteer FD and we do not auto dispatch fire apparatus on EMS calls. We call for lift assist as needed and usually it's FD peeps that drive to scene in their own vehicles, not apparatus. We do have a rescue, but that usually goes only to mvas and fire scenes...unless we...
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    New EMT Questions

    Clinicals are part of the course I took. They required 12 hours in ED or 12 runs or mix of the two. I figured since I would be working in ambulance I wanted to do clinicals on ambulance and I would only do ED time if I didn't meet my 12 runs just BC in the ED we're fighting with nursing students...