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  1. Martyn

    The deadly toll of a US ambulance shortage
  2. Martyn

    Choosing EMT course

    How times change...13 years ago when I qualified my course was 3 days a week for 5 months!!!
  3. Martyn

    Two people die in helicopter crash in Florida

    Medevac helicopter
  4. Martyn

    Ambulance carrying a patient crashed...
  5. Martyn

    Londonderry man jailed for urinating on ambulance kit
  6. Martyn

    A happy story...
  7. Martyn

    New legislation could expand mental health care for first responders
  8. Martyn

    Crisis Center of Tampa Bay works to help fix EMT shortage through apprenticeships
  9. Martyn

    Medic no more...

    Once a medic, always a medic...good luck to you in whatever path you choose
  10. Martyn

    Trauma Shears Recommendations?

    I can easily take my Raptors apart for 'deep cleaning'
  11. Martyn

    Thoughts on RNs being allowed to challenge Medic exam?

    A bit like making a firefighter an EMT or paramedic (can of worms now open)
  12. Martyn

    Palpating a BP

    In training I was taught that when you take a BP the normal way it is written 124/68, if you palpate a BP then it is written down 124/P... THEREFORE, NO DIASTOLIC! (Lowest BP I have ever taken was 54/P, little old lady who was AOx4 chatting away)
  13. Martyn

    the 100% directionless thread

    Ha ha...MBT are my initials. And no, I'm not built like one
  14. Martyn

    AEMT Help

    OUCH...shot down in flames or what!
  15. Martyn

    EMT with panic disorder?

    Sorry to be hard, and others have also mentioned this, is this the right job for you? Had a classmate back when I qualified get a job with Americare in Tampa, during transport pt went in to cardiac arrest and he panicked and just sat there doing nothing, the EMT driving had to swap out and get...
  16. Martyn

    Should EMS follow nurse's lead and go on strike?

    Been listening to all the rumors about how bad the NHS and social medicine is, are we? And FiremanMike, yes that's all the doctors make over there. That is part of what is wrong with the healthcare system over here, money money money. I would take the NHS over medicine provision over here any...
  17. Martyn

    Appendicitis.... Cardiac issue

    Change of subject (I know) but I transported a 2 yr old male on Viagra once so a 14 yr old on ASA don't raise my eyebrows lol
  18. Martyn

    Should we have done something different for this trauma call?

    Looking through those Az protocols I noticed something odd, it says on the skills 'Rectal small volume nebulizer'...I am hoping that they missed the line separating these two skills o_Oo_O
  19. Martyn

    Car crashes into ambulance in Pinellas Park, 5 transported to hospital...
  20. Martyn

    Hospitals doing Procedures on Gurney more queuing up in the ER. just dump them in the coffee bar round the's only 50 feet from the ER entrance!!!