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    South-West Pennsylvania EMS and Medic school q's

    Uniontown is actually my neighborhood. Thank you! :D Though I notice they dont have a link of pre-reqs for medic. I guess I can try to call someone tomorrow. I appreciate the help.
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    South-West Pennsylvania EMS and Medic school q's

    Can anyone speak for EMS on the western (particularly south-west, pittsburgh and south of the pitts area) area of PA? Also does anyone know the requirements for medic school in PA? I tried doing a search, tried searching the google and can not find what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance.
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    You could make the cake the prank. Morbid but you could do a red velvet cake. Make it like someones head or something.
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    New Synthetic Platelets for Blood Clotting

    That is absolutely amazing! When I was a regular platelet donor for the ASBP they were always short on platelet donors and the program was taking it hard having to split them between Astan, Iraq and the cancer pt's in the states. I wonder if they will incorporate these into use for cancer patients?
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    EMTs and employment

    Not every basic in the US did it because it was cool, easy or wanted something to brag about. Some did it as a stepping stone onto something else, RN, Medic... and/or because they genuinely wanted to help people, and sometimes its humbling to remember that we all have to start somewhere.
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    Sad reminder of the stresses of the job

    Suicide isn't so cut and dry. It's important to remember that. It's good to see the other FD's helping this department out while they mourn.
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    What the hell is wrong with people?

    You guys are real freaking peaches. Why bother posting at all? Have you nothing better to do with your time?
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    Grandfather weighing 30 stone 'died after falling off paramedics' stretcher'

    +1. Should we blame addicts for their deaths? How about MI's for theirs? What about diabetics for being on dialysis? When did pt advocacy turn into pt blame?
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    Tiger and Santa

    Dont take it personal. I liked it.
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    medical myths

    IS it still blonde? o.O
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    What the hell is wrong with people?

    My tattoo happens to be a very large and personal piece that extends from my hip to my upper ribs. My shirt was riding up because my son was pulling on it while I was trying to grab his cherrios off the shelf. I dont mind people commenting on my tattoos. It's when they violate my personal space...
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    medical myths

    I'm not the swimmer. :lol:
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    CSF Test- has anyone been taugh this?

    Yes, we were told we could use the glucometer as a way to confirm. We were also told it would wick away from blood on gauze.
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    medical myths

    So is the "myth" that male swimmers shave their entire bodies to be faster in the water true?
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    What the hell is wrong with people?

    Ewwwwwwww! Though I wouldn't be surprised.. I've heard of worse kink. Honestly though, I just think she wasn't that bright.
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    just passed, now whats next.....

    Wow. I paid 10 for my background check, 22 for my abstract. (30 for state and 70 for nationals) And I was whining!
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    Thoughts on using pulse ox for BP?

    I didn't think so. But I considered the fact that maybe the writer of the article came up with it as a solution to not being able to hear over road noise? I was just wondering about it. I do fine with good old fashioned bp's.
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    just passed, now whats next.....

    Wow, and I was griping about paying for my background check and drivers abstract. Do you also have to pay for those as well?
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    Tiger and Santa

    :lol: Did anyone see the SNL interview with one of his "mistresses"? It was pretty funny.