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    EMT-B Practical Test in the Morning

    Remember, before you start anything, scene safety and BSI
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    For the Women Paramedics...unless guys wear sports bra's

    A+++++ Thread. Will read from this poster again.
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    New Years Eve Plans ??

    Well my plans just got cancelled.. so it looks like I have none now :(
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    New Years Eve Plans ??

    Camping out to see the Rose Parade Edit: Getting drunk THEN camping out to see the Rose Parade :P
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    Thoughts on using pulse ox for BP?

    A largely flawed solution to a problem that doesn't exist
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    SoCal Job Outlook

    If you are considering Doctor's, now would be the time to apply. They make the EMTs quit to attend medic school (don't give them LOA), and Saddleback is starting a new medic class in the Spring so they will be losing some of them. Just a heads up
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    PROBELLS acronym

    I didn't say I agreed with it ;)
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    PROBELLS acronym

    Pulse, Respirations, Blood Pressure, Eyes, Lung Sounds, Level of Consciousness, Skin/Scars According to google
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    OK.....I just passed my NREMT practical!!!!

    Congrats!!! One day I will be there too!
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    SoCal Job Outlook

    My roommate works for Doctors.. they pay 8.40/hr. Full time is 72 hours/ week but it takes a while to get a third shift. He seems to like it. I want to work for them but have been procrastinating on it because I don't think I can take the pay cut right now (working in a non-EMS field) To...
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    digitalsocal (at) yahoo (dot) com
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    I can haz caterday?

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    How many survived your EMT class?

    Just one for didactic, but seperate instructors for each lab station.. i.e. one for trauma, one for medical, one for splinting, etc.
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    How many survived your EMT class?

    Yeah and we had literally 20 students trying to add also.. only two got in
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    How many survived your EMT class?

    We started with around 52, and by the time practicals came around we were at about 40.. I think about 37 of those received their certificate of completion
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    EMT/Medic Gamers

    I'm not on much, but when I am, I'm usually playing Dead Space on 360... My gamer tag is the same as my forum name
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    Wanted - Brady 11th Edition

    I have one.. How much are you willing to pay? You're talking this one, right?
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    Nremt test today..

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    I know I'm a newb on this board and my opinion likely means nil to anyone else, but my god what a way to take an interesting and informative discussion and send it right down the drain.
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    Who would you LIKE to partner with?

    One more for Eliott Reid