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    How do I get over my emetophobia?

    I had the same issue (although much older than you). It's not uncommon in the industry, I've seen very experienced medics and EMT's start gagging. There are ways to deal with it, don't let it stop you.
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    Diagnostic kit bags

    I have a 5.11 Rush 24. In it I use an MDF Instruments Stethescope Case ( with my stethoscope, BP Cuff (adult) and child cuff, thermometer, pulse-ox, BGL, penlight, and a watch. I also have a set of suture shears in there as well, mostly because...
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    Question about age (Do you feel EMS has an age limit)

    I became a volunteer firefighter at 53 and an EMT at 57. I'm now 58 and enrolled in AEMT school. I'd love to go to paramedic school, but I have a regular job so I can't afford the time.
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    Too Old...

    I became a volunteer firefighter at 53 and went to EMT school at 57. The oldest other person in my class was 24, the majority under 21. If you can get past that . . . Really, the reason I wanted to become an EMT is that I'm probably getting a little long in the tooth for firefighting, but I...
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    Spo2 in the mountains

    I live at 7500 feet and typically sat at around 92%. If I go down to Denver or Fort Collins (5000) it rises to the high 90s. It was around 80% when we drove up to Pike's Peak (14000) in May. They taught us in EMT class to give oxygen to anybody under 94%, but we typically don't administer O2...
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    70 Passed. I was convinced I failed it, about half the questions were about things I'd never even heard of. I guess that's the "adaptive" part of the test.