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    Fatigued lifting, safe?

    I started working out about 2 months ago. Just this past week I got hired as an EMT at a non-emergency transport service. I weight about 135lbs and have not had any major issues lifting 250lb+ patients on any given day. However, I am afraid that if I work out on day #1, then I will be too...
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    19 Year Old Male ALOC

    I don't think you did anything terrible, however you can see where some issues were. Although I'm a lower cert level than you, I personally wouldn't trust a lower-level provider than myself with obtaining patient vital signs. That is to say, I would not trust the fire department in my area to...
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    ALS upgrade for no reason

    In my area, new onset seizure is always an ALS job
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    ALS upgrade for no reason

    ^ Ditto x 10
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    What should have happened?

    +1 again So +2
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    Chicago Fire Narcan??!

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    What are some must haves for your duty belt?

    I like to have a second belt wrapped around my first belt for enhanced stability. Usually my secondary radio is in it's case on my right hip. My primary radio sits with my other equipment on my left hip. This other equipment includes (but not limited to) -Window Punchers -Add on stethoscope...
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    Not a gun thread

    PD response to all psychiatric and assault calls. EMS waits for PD before entering scene.
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    First day tomorrow!

    Made me literally LOL
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    Noob 911 Cpr question

    I get that its a persons right to choose, just weird to me because as far as I know compressions alone can't bring about ROSC, so no real point to it
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    Alert and Oriented to Unresponsive?

    He never came to. We were about 2 minutes from the hospital when this began so no ALS.
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    Alert and Oriented to Unresponsive?

    Slightly responsive to pain, he moved a bit. No remarkable changes in HR or BP. BGl unknown, we don't assess that. Pupils not assessed. His respiratory rate remained the same, no obvious breathing issues.
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    Alert and Oriented to Unresponsive?

    BLS dispatched for a motor vehicle accident. Upon arrival find a 2 car MVA. One vehicle on its side, with all passengers out and about walking around talking and crying to PD. Second vehicle ejected passenger with another BLS unit doing CPR. ALS unit on the way. I find my patient alert...
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    Noob 911 Cpr question

    What would be the point in this?
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    Don't ever have tunnel vision. Your patient is your 3rd priority behind yourself and your partner. Safety first. Not many people I know like any type of bystander running up on their scene and inputting their opinion, which is probably why you were told to go away.
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    What is your EMS system?

    This is contradictory to a lot of what I've heard. To my understanding, some insurance companies won't allow medic fly cars to bill for their services because they didn't do the transport. This may just be rumor. I didn't even know about a paramedic association to be honest. I ask because I...
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    Why was she in the sheriff's office in the first place? "She said she had a history of "anxiety" and "mental problems"" This is probably an explanation for just about all her symptoms. To me this unexplained altered mental status. Nothing really to do for it other than monitor and transport.
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    What is your EMS system?

    What is your opinion on Jersey's 2-medic fly car system? Do you or anybody else here think it's something that's going to last for much longer? Is it something that's simply going to stay isolated? Or something that will expand?
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    What is your EMS system?

    So on most of your calls you get FD? Also, do you find it harder handling 911 calls with only an EMT-B partner?