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    Stethoscope parts

    I would try contacting Littmann and see what they can do. Good Luck to you ! On Line contact Form: Telephone Support Line: 1-800-228-3957 Monday – Friday 7:30 AM – 6 PM CST
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    Thinking about being a Paramedic

    I think it is fantastic that you want to have a career in emergency medicine. There are many options from being an EMT, for going on to Paramedic, Community Para-medicine, or then go on to RN, NP, or PA if you do not go on to being an MD. I have been a volunteer firefighter/EMT for well over 30...
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    I went on my first two calls and they terrified me

    On the previous comment on minors not being on an EMS, I have a few comments on the positive side. I am a volunteer firefighter and EMT in New York State. My son started running fire calls with me since he was a boy, he joined the fire dept. when he turned 16(members need to be at least 16) and...
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    I went on my first two calls and they terrified me

    I have been an EMT since 1976 and have scene my share of deceased patients. To have 3 in such a short time is in my opinion unusually high. My heart goes out to you. I commend you for being on your way to becoming an EMT, please continue and complete your training. One thing to remember is we...
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    My advice would be to focus on completing the EMT program. After you do that and get some street time as an EMT, think about Paramedic training. Good luck with your EMT class !
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    I do not know what City or State you are in. I think a lot would depend on public transportation availability and if you are in an urban or rural area since you do not have a vehicle. That said, I am an EMT. My son is an EMT who is completing his paramedic program and Associates Degree at a...
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    So I think I have Covid....

    The OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard 1910.134 is posted at: Fit test procedures are listed in Appendix A: The OSHA General Duty Clause is...
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    So I think I have Covid....

    There are adapters for a Portacount machine that work with an N95 filtering face-piece respirator. This method fell out of favor in the early days of Covid because you must punch a hole in the N95 for the Portacount hose to be attached. With the scarcity of N95s a few years ago, it was not...
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    EVOC needed

    I am in New York State. My agency (rural volunteer FD Ambulance) does its own in-house EVOC training. I am an instructor for these courses through two insurance companies(VFIS and ESIP). I would suggest you find out if you need an in-person course or an online course. The online EVOC courses...
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    1st Day Driving an Ambulance

    After 4 calls in a row over several hours my partner and I were hungry. I stopped at a local hot dog shop on the way back to get some hot wieners to bring back to the station. I parked about a quarter of a block away. I locked the truck with the remote and we went in. When we were walking back...
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    should a 50 year old go to EMT school?

    I am 68 years old, have been an EMT for 47 years and am a member of a rural volunteer fire department that provides EMS with 2 ambulances and a paramedic fly car. I find being a volunteer Firefighter/EMT very rewarding and I feel a sense of pride in helping those in my community in their time of...
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    I have a few questions

    I would look at the requirements your state has for EMS training and the minimum ages you need to be to take an Emergency Medical Technician(EMT) or a Certified First Responder(CFR)/Emergency Medical Responder(EMR) course. I would not purchase any expensive jump bag until you have training and...
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    Stethoscope - The Mega Thread

    I have an ADC Adscope 600 Platinum Cardiology scope and love it. Great depth of sound. Lifetime warranty. I got it as an open box deal "Used-Like New" on Amazon for around $60. There are some good deals if you do not care about the color on both Amazon Warehouse and Ebay. I also have a...
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    Small Stuff to Make Life Easier - Best Purchases Under $25

    1. Hand sanitizer. 2. Extra N95 respirator. 3.While it is more than $25 - a good tactical flashlight and belt holder. 4. Headlight. 5. AC Voltage detector(pen/flashlight style). 6. Pocket sized insect repellent. 7. Small container of sunscreen. 8 In the winter - ice cleats.
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    Registering For classes on Monday

    What state are you in and where are you taking the EMT course? From what you say, it sounds like you are enrolling in a community college. If this is the case, an Associates Degree is a two year college degree(you will have core area courses and required general electives like English, Math and...
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    EMS with anxiety.. is this the wrong career?

    I normally read threads and do not post, but after reading your message and the reply, I also needed to give a reply. What I see is you have had a lot of challenges in your life and career choices. The food service industry can be more stressful than what you have as an emergency responder...
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    Crewmember in Distress

    My agency does not have a distress code. Some agencies in my area use the term "Purple Bag" for a distress or crew retreat code.