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    Who has the most authority at an EMS scene?

    I am a paramedic at a volunteer fire department that runs an ALS ambulance. Our chiefs first respond in a take-home squad. A chief of mine and myself butt heads sometimes while on calls. Who is ultimately in charge and calls the shots? The paramedic, or a chief officer on strictly a medical call?
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    Who can be held liable?

    I am a paramedic within our volunteer ALS ambulance and fire agency. We have fire chiefs that are EMTs that have a take home squad and nearly always beat the ambulance to the scene. A particular chief, who is an EMT, on multiple occasions has told me either "stage in the truck," "you can clear,"...
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    Hennepin EMS hiring in Minnesota

    Job posting for Hennepin County EMS.
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    Found a good cardiac arrest management refresher quiz. Took this quiz today. Only 20 questions, good refresher! Some abstract questions we tend to forget about!
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    Work Schedule

    I'm letter E, so if the schedule started on January 11th, this is how my rotation would go, correct?
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    Work Schedule

    Does anyone here work a 7-week rotating schedule? I just started a new job and for the life of me cannot figure out this rotation. Can anyone help explain it?
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    Selling Littmann 3200 Electronic Stethoscope, $300 or best offer

    Hey everyone! I am selling a Littmann 3200 electronic stethoscope. It is used, but overall in good condition. It is missing an earpiece and the diaphragm cover, but those can be bought online for less than $10 each. I am asking $300 as these sell for nearly $400 new. I will ship Priority Mail...
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    Graduate from paramedic school in a week. What's the next step?

    Hey everyone! So I graduate next week from Paramedic school. I would like to continue my education and get a bachelors degree, but I'm not sure what field to go into. Do any programs accept my paramedic degree towards a bachelors degree or will I basically be doing 4 more years of school? What...
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    Practicing Rescue Breathing on Another Person

    Are they using barrier devices or mouth to mouth? Still, I wouldn't allow it. But maybe you could go the route of it not being standard practice anymore depending on their technique.
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    Does your department have a web site?

    Mahtomedi Fire Department in Minnesota. Built it myself!
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    Interview with HCMC in Minneapolis, what should I expect?

    I have an interview coming up with Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis. What should I expect? I hear they do a written test. Do they do a scenario? What kind of interview questions should I prepare for? Anyone have any experience with them? Thank you!
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    Use Ketamine at least every other shift. We can use it for pain control or behavior control. We are currently doing a study on ketamine vs. haldol for combative patients. Ketamine is absolutely amazing in that aspect. Also used it about 2 months ago for a woman who fell out of a 3rd story...
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    When can I start applying for Paramedic jobs?

    I am graduating from the program on April 28th. Does anyone know if any agencies will conduct interviews before you graduate as a paramedic under contingency or something? Can I start applying for jobs now or should I wait until I become certified first? Thanks! Josh
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    Medic student here, did anyone else have trouble thinking of enough questions to ask patients?

    I just got my *** chewed by my preceptors partner today for being too quiet with patients. I will admit, I have trouble coming up with more questions to ask, or even just stuff to BS with patients, but it's not like I don't get a good history and can develop a treatment plan from it. Either way...
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    First Aid/CPR powerpoint

    Hey guys and gals, I was recently hired to teach 9th grade classes basic first aid and CPR. I only have 50 minutes for each class though. Does anyone have a quick, crash course first aid and CPR slideshow they would be willing to share? Also, with the limited time, which first aid skills would...
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    EMT for hire at hockey tournaments, any legalities?

    It is very much needed here. I live in Minnesota, there are many tournaments every weekend, even during the summer. If I could make this work, I honestly could probably make a living off it. I work at hockey tournaments now doing EMS work, but the people I work for don't have medical direction...
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    What does your agency ride in...

    2010 Ford Ambulance (pictured) and a 2003 Ford Ambulance. Stryker power cots and power lifts in both :) Volunteer municipal fire and ambulance service that runs about 800 medicals a year.
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    EMT for hire at hockey tournaments, any legalities?

    Doesn't answer my question. If I wanted an opinion I would have asked for one.
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    EMT for hire at hockey tournaments, any legalities?

    I am wanting to start a business that provides EMT's at hockey tournaments this winter. I am wondering what legalities are involved. I would hire EMT's as independent contractors, but from a business standpoint, what do I need? I'm concerned mostly about licensing. Do I need to be licensed by...
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    EKG Question From a Paramedic Student

    Based on the EKG, would that warrant transport to a cardiac specialty hospital or is any hospital capable of treating heart blocks?