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    California: DMV printout?

    Hello, I just went in for an in-person interview at an ambulance company in California, and I asked what kind of DMV printout I needed to give them, as I knew that the CA DMV stopped issuing the H-6 records. The interviewer told me, "an H-6 record." When I told him what I'd read, he said to...
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    Changing careers - what to put on an EMT-B resume?

    Hello, I recently completed my EMT-Basic class and am looking for jobs. I'm in my late 30s and had a previous career as a software developer. Yes, I know how much EMT jobs pay; I'm doing this to get some experience before applying to nursing school, and because I do well in stressful...
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    Civil traffic infractions (Alameda County, CA EMT-Basic)

    Hello, I'm close to completing an EMT training class and I want to apply for EMT-B certification in Alameda County, CA (after I finish my class and take the NREMT exam). I'm looking at the EMT certification application, certification...